The Running Mojo!

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Its winter season in NYC has really put a damper on running and just finding the time, place and mojo to get out there and run. I even have running friends who are currently training for races, but just don’t have that spark to kick them into gear.

I was in this rut a couple of weeks ago and I had to find a way to pull myself out of it. I had all the thoughts of running and my training plan ready to go, but I myself didn’t actually do the running. Between the snowstorms and lack of commitment, I just didn’t get it done.
And then, I changed it up, changed my routine and my mindset and got myself to run. How? Here’s how.

 I changed up my playlist. I haven’t done this since November. Anytime I did run, I was bored and I changed the song playing more than I concentrated on running. Listing to different music while I ran kept my energy up and me excited for the next song.

 “I can and I will,”  “If I don’t run, I can’t race,” and “It’s time to start moving.” Why these three? Because there are what’s motivating for me, I realized that if I don’t push myself, if I’m not working hard enough, then I’m either going to A) have a horrible race, or B) just don’t end up running at all. And for me, either of those aren’t an option.

 Gather a group of friends and challenge each other to run weekly mileage and whoever finishes in the least amount of time buys lunch, or make it a group effort where each week you and your friends set to complete a certain amount of miles together. Whatever it is that can involve you and you’re friends to get up and get moving.

 Sign up for a race and then start counting down the months, weeks and days until the event. No one likes to feel unprepared for a race, so prepare yourself for a race. More importantly sign up for a race you’ve never done before, that’s a surprise to yourself.

I hope these tips have helped and inspired my friends who are currently stuck in a running “funk” to get out there a run again. And to you all who are on the east coast hang in here and use the treadmill because we all know this winter season hasn’t been too kind to us runners.

When you’re stuck in a running funk, how do you get yourself out of it? What sorts of things do you tell yourself to start running again?

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