Body & Pole: Intro to Hoop

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Everything HURTS!

Arms, legs, back and abs. OMG, I haven’t felt this much pain in awhile, but it’s all for a good reason.

Sunday my friend and I look an “Intro to hoop” class at this studio in the city called Body and Pole. They offer different types of classes such as pole, hoop and silk classes. Each apparatus has an intro class and after the intro class you can go on to take level 1, 2, 3 etc..

Getting used to my weight on the hoop

This was a very difficult class. I mean I loved it because it requires you to use muscles that you’re not accustomed to using on a daily basis and I think that’s great for us who are looking to tone and build lean muscle. However, everything hurts and that’s ok.

For anyone who is looking for a challenge and isn’t afraid to try something new, this is the class for you. I mean you can also try anyone of the other apparatus’ but this one is so far my favorite. (I haven’t tried silks yet.)

In the hoop. Look at those guns! 

So, here’s a video that my friend shot of me on the hoop. I had a  bit of difficulty getting up but once I was up there, it was almost comfortable to be up there.


How did I do for my first time? If you decide to try this class, I want to know! Or have you done and class outside of running? Tell me.

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