40 Days of Lent, Goodbye Sweets

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Lent started yesterday, which is that time of year where Christians go on a fast for 40 days leading up to Easter. Some use lent to give up some bad habits that they’ve developed and/or some use it to be more in tuned with God.

I’m usually not good with Lent in years past, I say I’m going to give up soda, or junk food, or maybe even candy and it never works. Usually about a week or two in I end up giving in and just go right back to eating what I was supposed to be giving up.

So this year, being older being more determined and focused, I’ve decided to give up “Unnecessary sweets.” What does this mean? It means I’m putting down the candy, soda, sweeteners, chocolate of any kind, ice cream, frozen yogurt, milkshakes, basically anything that isn’t going to be beneficial to me and this journey.

However, in there 40 days I am also picking up more fruits and vegetables. I have to have a well rounded and balance diet and I can’t do that by shoving candy and chocolate every time I see it. I remember how I felt when I ate more fruits and veggies and I want to go back to that. Maybe I should call this 40 days of fruits and veggie to hold myself accountable of having at least a fruit or a vegetable a day.

Now, during this time, it doesn’t have to be necessarily have to be some type of food you give up, this period is all about YOU, so you can give up whatever bad habit you have whether that might be cursing, alcohol, television, just whatever. Use this time to restrain yourself and since it takes 21 days to break a habit, you’ll be more than fine after this.

Since I told you guys I’m eating more fruits and veggies for the 40 days (and continuing) here’s my fruit for the day.

It’s grapefruit, which has a very bitter taste, yes my first time and I don’t know how I feel about them just yet. If I feel like I cant eat them then I’ll just blend them up with carrots and coconut water and call it a day.

Are you giving up something for lent? If so, what? Let me know.

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