Training for the NYC Half!

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It's Tuesday January 6th. That means its time to start training for the NYC Half! Very excited because I've wanted to do this race since last year and I didn't get in by lottery, so I spent all last year racing and earning my entry for 2015 so I wouldn’t have to rely on the lottery to get in.

That being said, I’m using the My Asics run app to guide me through my training this time around. I have a goal to run this half in 2:45:59, however my friends all think I can do 2:30:00. And I’m not saying I can’t, but I just like to be realistic and I don’t want to overshoot it, but we’ll see. For all I know I can very well finish the race in 2hours and 30 minutes and I would be surprised. But this is time for me to PR and PR I shall do.

On the schedule for this week with My Asics goes as follows:


Today: 3 miles (jog)
Tomorrow: 4.5 miles (jog)
Thursday: Rest day
Friday: 3 miles (jog)
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 4.5 miles (jog)
Monday: Rest

As you can see this week is very easy and very light on the feet. It’s designed for me to run a 16:43 pace so I can loosen up my muscles for what’s in the weeks to come.

I’m also going to do a lot of strength training and cross training. I think that’s the downfall to this training plan is there’s no plan for strengthen small and large muscle groups. So while following this plan I will also have to incorporate my own workouts as well.

What races are you guys training for? What is your first race of the year? I hope it’s not too cold in March! 

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