Miss Quarter Century!

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I’m 25 years old you guys, can you believe it?

My birthday was the 17th and I spent so much time getting ready, being nervous, thinking about the year ahead and excited as well because I know it’s a new year and I have new goals to achieve.

I must say I had a great time on “my day” I went to Dos Caminos for dinner in the city and then went bowling. I was very pleased with how the day went because all my friends showed up and I wasn’t worried about if “so and so” could make it. This year I had the mentality of “if you showed up, great and if you didn’t you just didn’t.”

With that being said, my birthday was a success and I couldn’t say that enough, I was truly content with having dinner with just my favorite ladies and then heading over to the bowling alley and meeting other friends there.

While at the dinner table my friend Miriam asked me “What’s one thing you liked/enjoyed about being 24?” I almost cried, because 24 was a difficult year and I couldn’t think of one good thing that I enjoyed, not to say that I didn’t have enjoyable moments but the negative pressing ones are what I remembered from 24. Not working for a year, inconsistent nutrition, crying all the time, figuring out my life, my career, how am I going to be successful, feeling too old and not adequate enough, failure, I mean last year was hectic and I never wanted to show what was going on, I always had a façade because it wasn’t anybody’s business.

But see, that’s the thing about friends, they’re quick to tell you when you’re wrong, quick to point out the positive and suddenly I started to hear my friends shout out “races,” “ambassador programs,” I think I heard me running my first half marathon and I realized that I let the negative overtake the positive. Even though I was in a negative space for about 10 months the last two of 2014 were great and a strong starting point of where I want and need to be.

Oh yes, birthday shenanigans. So I went bowling and lost BIG TIME! I tied with Miriam for 53, but I mean look at these nails, I couldn’t do much

That’s alright I love bowling and we got a free platter of food because we had to wait so long to get some drinks since there was only one bartender working that night and we were patient.

Then on Sunday I went to The Sugar factory, OMG the drinks were huge. I mean it's a good thing I ordered it virgin because that would have been way too much alcohol to drink at 1pm.

Let me stop rambling, I enjoyed my birthday so much and I would do it all over again. Now it’s time to buckle down and get back to business.

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  1. So glad you had an awesome birthday. I always lose in bowling too. I am a gutter ball queen.

  2. Thank you! I need to win a bowling match one day!I must!!!