Take The Leap: 30 Days of Yoga Challenge

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When I think about yoga, the first thought that comes to mind is Peace. Yoga relaxes me and makes me feel calm and more importantly ready to take on the day.

That’s why I am SO excited to participate in prAna’s Take The Leap 30 days of Yoga Challenge with Sweat Pink. I plan to bow my way to a more flexible and stronger 2015!

For me, the biggest challenge when it comes to yoga is allowing myself to feel comfortable in a pose, because I always want to push myself to do more. Taking the Leap with prAna and Sweat Pink is a great way for me to achieve this because I know there will be no rush when completing this challenge.

My favorite place to yoga is home because it is so relaxing. (And if I needed to, I can take a nap afterwards.)

Here’s a photo of me in my very best pigeon pose

I tag:

Grace, at LeanGirlsClub

Amy, at TheAwesomeMom

I want these fabulous bloggers to share their very best yoga pose photos, this fun madlib and of course, I challenge them to join me on this fun 30 day yoga journey

So, get to it!

Join prAna’s & Sweat Pink’s #TakeTheLeap 30 Days of Yoga Challenge and be eligible for a chance to win $500 worth of new prAna gear from their latest collection as well as gift an additional $500 worth of prAna gear to the person of their choice... because isn’t giving as important as receiving? They just launched their new Spring Collection so you best get on it!

If I win I would gift the $500 to Aubrie T. because she’s one of the most influential people in my life and without her I wouldn’t have been on this journey now.

Join the Take the Leap with prAna and Sweat Pink Facebook group / event which we’ll use for updates, sharing,and inspiration: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1525412337742204/

And join the challenge on Instagram, Twitter, and your blog using the hashtags:
And of course, tag @prana @FitApproach


Thank you Jamie (PissedOfffMetronome) for nominating me for this challenge!

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Healthy and Hearty Super bowl Chili

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Super bowl XLIX is rapidly approaching and with unhealthy snack and dinner options quickly arising. I’ve decided to share a chili recipe I found and tweaked on Pinterest for this Sunday’s upcoming game.

For this chili recipe you’re going to need:

Ground turkey
Kidney beans – 2 cups
Black beans – 2 cups
Mixed vegetables – 2 cups, chopped
Onion – ½ onion
Salsa – ½ cup
Water – 15 ounces
Chicken broth – 1 can (optional) 
Brown sugar – 1 tablespoon
Garlic powder – 3 teaspoons
Onion powder – 3 teaspoons
Chili powder – 2 ½ tablespoons
Basil – 2 teaspoons 
Oregano – 2 teaspoons 
Salt – ½ teaspoon
Pepper – ½ teaspoon

What you’re going to do first is cook the ground turkey and combine all the seasonings together, when the turkey is almost cooked add the chopped vegetables and cook those with the turkey.

Add the water, onion and beans to the pot and let the flavors marinate together for a couple of hours. Afterwards I removed the onion and added the chicken broth as I saw the liquid started to cook off and left it on for another hour.

One of the reasons why I let the chili for so long is because I cook both the kidney and black beans in the pot, beans in general take awhile to cook and I like my beans a tad over cooked, it makes them easier to bite into.

And that’s it! Pair them off with some pita chips, triscuts or whatever you want honestly, the star is the chili and with it having so many attributes such as the vegetables and beans, you’ll be able to feel like you’re indulging without over indulging.

Let me know if you have a super bowl recipe I need to try, I’m currently looking for other things to pair with my chili.

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Why "The Number" is important to me.

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I never thought I would see this number on a scale again. But as the months went by, I knew I would. 184lbs and what is I am. Nine pounds gained since May 2014. Now, to me that’s not too bad, yes I did gain weight but that’s nine pounds in an eight month time span, so about a pound a month? I mean it’s nothing to be proud of but I understand that this is a journey and not a sprint.

While recently reflecting on my weight gain, I asked myself “why was it so important,” “why did does it matter?” “Am I looking to impress anyone?” And I thought about it for a while, because the only thing I kept hearing in my head was “it’s not about the number, it’s about how you feel.” Which I do agree and then I found myself saying…

“I feel great, but I am NOT at a healthy weight for my age.” 

And that’s when it hit me that I was not at a healthy weight. The whole purpose of this journey is to become healthy to live a healthier lifestyle, to stop my joints from hurting all the time, to reduce the pain in my back, knees and even my feet, to me that’s living healthy and living in longevity.

As the number on the scale decreases I become stronger, faster and my BMI decreases. This is why the number one the scale is important to me. It reminds me while I keep putting in the work I’m becoming better than the person who I was yesterday and that’s who I want to be.

Has anyone ever had this issue before? Do you rely on the scale or go by how you feel?
PS: It’s snowing here in Brooklyn. I guess I’ll be snowed in for a while.

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GirlsGoneSporty and Half Fanatics!

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OMG! So how excited am I that I found out I'm a GirlsGoneSporty ambassador! I'm very excited and overwhelmed for the opportunity. It's the support and the outreach you get from other people that helps me learn how to live this lifestyle without having to sacrifice the things I enjoy doing. These ambassador programs are truly helpful and all around insightful when it comes to this world of fitness.

Also! Have any of you guys heard of Half Fanatics? I just recently found out about them through one of my Instagram friends as well as a friend of mine. There are several ways to become a "half fanatic," most of which include running several races in an allotted amount of time. The purpose of qualifying is to be able to receive discounts at most of the races and to meet some awesome cool people as well.

There are different levels of qualification: 

2 Half Marathons within a 16 day time frame.
3 Half Marathons within a 90 day time frame.

3 Half Marathons within a 16 day time frame.
6 Half Marathons in 6 consecutive calendar months.
8 - 11 Half Marathons within 365 days.

4 Half Marathons within 37 days.
12 - 18 Half Marathons within 365 days.
4 Half Marathons in 4 different US states, Countries or Canadian Provinces (any combination) 51 days.

4 Half Marathons in 23 days.
19 - 25 Half Marathons within 365 days.
2 Half Marathons in 2 days (or 48 hours) must finish both races!
9 Half Marathons in 9 different US states, Countries, or Canadian Provinces (any combination) within 365 days.

3 Half Marathons within 3 days.
26 - 30 Half Marathons within 365 days.
4 Half Marathons within a 9 day window.
3 Half Marathons in 3 separate US states, Countries, or Canadian Provinces (any combination) within a 10-day time span.
13 Half Marathons in 13 different US states, Countries, or Canadian Provinces (any combination) within 365 days.

31 - 37 Half Marathons within 365 days.
16 Half Marathon in 16 different US states, Countries, or Canadian Provinces (any combination) within 365 days.
6 Half Marathons within 16 days. With proper planning and rest this can be done!

38 - 44 Half Marathons within 365 days.
20 Half Marathons in 20 US states, Countries, or Canadian Provinces (any combination) within 365 days
13 Half Marathons within 79 days.

45 - 51 Half Marathons within 365 days.
23 Half Marathons in 23 US states, Countries, or Canadian Provinces (any combination) within 365 days.
28 Half Marathons within 183 days.

The Sun:
52 Half Marathons or more within 365 days.
30 Half Marathons in 30 US states, Countries, or Canadian Provinces (any combination) within 365 days.
20 Countries within 365 days.

With each of the different levels and their qualifications you don't have to complete all the criteria, you just have to complete one of the criteria within the level you're looking to qualify for. I will be qualifying for Neptune level. I'm currently registered to run the United Airlines Half, April Fools Half and the Air BnB Brooklyn Half. These races take place within less than 90 days of each other. 

Now that I'm thinking about it, it seems kind of daunting but I know it's nothing I can't handle. The race that I'm gunning for is the United Airlines half, that race I am looking for a PR. The other two I would be happy if I PR, but I'm doing them for fun and to hang out with friends while qualifying for half fanatics. 

I'm ready for warm weather and fun races, that's what the spring and summer are all about. Do you have a favorite spring or summer race that you’re waiting for? And if so, can I join you? Lol 


My Asics Training Plan and Brooklyn Half!

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Oh man, it’s week three of my Asics training plan for the United Airlines Half (NYC Half) and I am pumped up about it. Now last week I didn’t get anything done sadly because I was running around planning for my birthday but no fear, I’m back on track and ready to run.

This is the “getting faster” phase of the training plan which means some of the runs would need to be completed at a faster pace.

This weeks schedule calls for:
                         Today: 3 mile jog (16:39 pace)                        
Tomorrow: 4.5 Fast (12:35 – 13:41 pace)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 3 mile jog (16:39 pace)
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 4.5 Fast (12:35 – 13:41 pace)
Monday: Rest

In addition to these runs I’ve started before that I am incorporating various workouts. I am strength training on Mondays and Thursdays, swimming on Saturdays and Yoga Monday – Friday. Does this sound like a good training plan?  I hope so, but we’ll see on race day.

The AirBnB Brooklyn Half opens tomorrow! This year is $65 dollars, which is $10 more than last year, I was contemplating running this year, but I know I need to qualify for the marathon next year by completing the 9+1 and I want to do the 5-borough series so I really don’t have a choice.

Also check out this huge mug I got, it’s super cute and I use it for everything. Well mostly water but still, it makes me want to keep refilling because I constantly want to keep drinking out of it.

Is anyone else planning to do the Brooklyn half? Is anyone doing the NYC Half? I mean we could chat and meet each other and all of the fun stuff. And isn’t my mug super cute?

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Product Review: Detox Water

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A representative from the company Detox Water contacted me and asked if I would do a review for their product, I mean how could I say no? I was very excited that I was offered this opportunity to do this. 

Some info about the product:

Detox Water is made in the USA and sources the most bioactive organic aloe vera locally grown by the world’s premier supplier. Every bottle is packed with ACTIValoe®, certified to be 300% more effective than any other aloe ingredient. With combined Qmatrix ACTIValoe® infused water that contains electrolytes and vitamins that the body requires, Detox Water hydrates and cleanses your body from the inside out.

This flavor is called Lychee and White Grape, which I thought was an interesting combination but I knew I liked white grape and I've had lychee once so I knew it wouldn’t taste bad. I opened the bottle and immediately had a tropical smell, very light almost as if you’re sitting on an island and smelling palm trees and coconuts which made me more eager to try the product. 

I stuck it in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes and then gave it a try and I must say it's very good. It's sweet but not the sugary type of sweet, it's sweet because of the fruits and aloe, which is perfectly fine. Between my mother and I, who tried the product we finish the whole bottle in one sitting. 

You know when you usually try a "detox" or "cleanse" product it's something very boring, low in flavor or something you feel like you can't drink for an extended period of time? Yea, this isn't that. The flavors are there and if you like the tropical taste, this is definitely the product for you.  

Nutritional facts:

30 calories per bottle
8 grams of sugar per bottle
Vitamin C & B stack
350mg of ACTIValoe®
Electrolytes & Antioxidants
No Preservatives 
No Artificial colors or flavors

In addition to this detox water is made locally, all organic, gluten free, kosher certified, vegan friendly and non-GMO. 

Health benefits include:

Organ health and protection

Gastrointestinal and digestive health
Healthy blood and sugar regulation 
Anti-Inflammatory and heart health
Immune boost
Skin health and anti-aging
Teeth and oral care

All in all I think this is a very good product. The taste is spot on and very flavorful. The combination of aloe, lychee and white grape is a huge plus for me and sold me right away. I encourage everyone to checkout Detox Water and use my promo code ALOEKISS to receive 15% off! The code is from now until 1/31 so don't miss out. 

And if you decide to try this product or have tried it before let me know! I want to know your thoughts on the product! 

Miss Quarter Century!

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I’m 25 years old you guys, can you believe it?

My birthday was the 17th and I spent so much time getting ready, being nervous, thinking about the year ahead and excited as well because I know it’s a new year and I have new goals to achieve.

I must say I had a great time on “my day” I went to Dos Caminos for dinner in the city and then went bowling. I was very pleased with how the day went because all my friends showed up and I wasn’t worried about if “so and so” could make it. This year I had the mentality of “if you showed up, great and if you didn’t you just didn’t.”

With that being said, my birthday was a success and I couldn’t say that enough, I was truly content with having dinner with just my favorite ladies and then heading over to the bowling alley and meeting other friends there.

While at the dinner table my friend Miriam asked me “What’s one thing you liked/enjoyed about being 24?” I almost cried, because 24 was a difficult year and I couldn’t think of one good thing that I enjoyed, not to say that I didn’t have enjoyable moments but the negative pressing ones are what I remembered from 24. Not working for a year, inconsistent nutrition, crying all the time, figuring out my life, my career, how am I going to be successful, feeling too old and not adequate enough, failure, I mean last year was hectic and I never wanted to show what was going on, I always had a fa├žade because it wasn’t anybody’s business.

But see, that’s the thing about friends, they’re quick to tell you when you’re wrong, quick to point out the positive and suddenly I started to hear my friends shout out “races,” “ambassador programs,” I think I heard me running my first half marathon and I realized that I let the negative overtake the positive. Even though I was in a negative space for about 10 months the last two of 2014 were great and a strong starting point of where I want and need to be.

Oh yes, birthday shenanigans. So I went bowling and lost BIG TIME! I tied with Miriam for 53, but I mean look at these nails, I couldn’t do much

That’s alright I love bowling and we got a free platter of food because we had to wait so long to get some drinks since there was only one bartender working that night and we were patient.

Then on Sunday I went to The Sugar factory, OMG the drinks were huge. I mean it's a good thing I ordered it virgin because that would have been way too much alcohol to drink at 1pm.

Let me stop rambling, I enjoyed my birthday so much and I would do it all over again. Now it’s time to buckle down and get back to business.

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Sweat Pink Ambassador & No Excuses Challenge

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OMG guys so I just wanted to tell you that I am a sweat pink ambassador! Man can you tell I’m excited? I hope so because I am. What I love about becoming an ambassador for all of these companies is that I can connect with people who share the same passion for fitness as I have as well as if I had any questions about anything I would always have a group of people that I can turn to for guidance.

In addition to joining the sweat pink team, I also joined the No Excuses challenge by FitApproach. What this challenge consists of is a variety of showing off your workouts throughout the week (Monday – Friday) from a proposed list that is provided every week via email.

This week the challenge consists of planks, running, burpees, squats and more. The challenge is to upload the challenge/workout to your blog, Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram with the hashtag “no excuses,” and the person who comes up with the most creative post with win a prize for that week.

So this challenge is open to the public and all SPA (SweatPink Ambassadors) if you’re not in yet or interested in joining just click HERE. I think this challenge is a way to hold each other accountable and a way to meet new people in the challenge and put a twist on your workouts.

If you decide to join this challenge tweet me @KissTheRunner or follow me on Instagram @KissTheRunner. I want to be able to see how to guys take on the challenges and vise versa.

*6 days till my 25th birthday! Ah, super excited and still nervous but excited. 

Training for the NYC Half!

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It's Tuesday January 6th. That means its time to start training for the NYC Half! Very excited because I've wanted to do this race since last year and I didn't get in by lottery, so I spent all last year racing and earning my entry for 2015 so I wouldn’t have to rely on the lottery to get in.

That being said, I’m using the My Asics run app to guide me through my training this time around. I have a goal to run this half in 2:45:59, however my friends all think I can do 2:30:00. And I’m not saying I can’t, but I just like to be realistic and I don’t want to overshoot it, but we’ll see. For all I know I can very well finish the race in 2hours and 30 minutes and I would be surprised. But this is time for me to PR and PR I shall do.

On the schedule for this week with My Asics goes as follows:


Today: 3 miles (jog)
Tomorrow: 4.5 miles (jog)
Thursday: Rest day
Friday: 3 miles (jog)
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 4.5 miles (jog)
Monday: Rest

As you can see this week is very easy and very light on the feet. It’s designed for me to run a 16:43 pace so I can loosen up my muscles for what’s in the weeks to come.

I’m also going to do a lot of strength training and cross training. I think that’s the downfall to this training plan is there’s no plan for strengthen small and large muscle groups. So while following this plan I will also have to incorporate my own workouts as well.

What races are you guys training for? What is your first race of the year? I hope it’s not too cold in March! 

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Happy New Year!

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Hello everyone! Happy New Year. I am three days late but I was surely without internet but I'm BACK and ready to talk to you guys. 

How was your new year? What did you do? Did I miss anything? I hope not.

My new year was spent watching the ball drop on TV, followed by not being able to sleep until 2:15am and then getting up at 3am to go to work. Pretty crappy right? I know. That's ok, it's over and done with now.

News: My birthday is in 14 days. I'm excited because I'm turning 25. Goodness that feels so old, but it's alright, this year feels like it's going to be a good one and I hope it is. I can see everything I want and need to achieve this year very clearly, so I'm just ready to get started.

I start my half marathon training program on Tuesday. I decided to go with the Asics running app for iOS, so I hope this program is going to he helpful as I want to PR for the NYC Half. 

Not too much to say here, just wanted to say happy new year and stayed tuned because this year is going to be busy.

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Featured In

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Ambassador Programs

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2016 Race Calendar!

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2015 Race Schedule:

March 20: NYC Half (Complete)
May 30: UAE Healthy Kidney 10K
June 11: Mini 10K 
June 25: 5 Mile Pride Run
July 15 - July 17: Rock n Roll Chicago
September 17 - September 18th: Rock n Roll Pennsylvnia
Pizza Run: Data TBD
September 25: Bronx 10 Mile
October 2: Diva's 5K
October 8: Rock n Roll BK
November 5: Dash to the Finish 5K
November 6: TCS NYC Marathon

*Race Schedule is still being updated.