Spotify Running Baby!

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If it's not busy days, it's sick days, if it's not sick days, it's sleepless nights. No matter what is it, I always find myself doing the total opposite of what I had planned for the day or even the week. It might seem like I need a planner or a better handle on things, but for now, I'm just going with the flow. 

Thanks to the amazing people from Spotify and 360i, I got the pleasure of using Spotify's premium running service, paired with my Nike running app a couple of weeks ago. I've always wanted to try out their services since I've heard such great things about it and I finally got the chance. 

What's so unique about Spotify running is the "pacing station" feature that's on the app. I wasn't sure of what a pace station was, but it made sense when I read more about it. Pretty much you can set find a genre of music that you prefer running to, select your target pace and then start your run. Simple. 

When you first open your Nike app, head over to the music section and you'll get this screen. You see I have my iTunes selected but my Spotify was also connecting. Once connected, click "Spotify premium," and you'll see this screen. 
Since this was my first time using this app, I didn't have anything setup in terms of playlist or a pace station, so I just went on ahead and clicked "create a pace station." 
From there, you can either use your average pace or create your own. As you can see, I'm training myself to target an 11'30" pace.
When you scroll down you can select what genre or what artist you're feeling like running to. I didn't have any particular artist in mind, to I just selected hip hop/rap and then afterwards selected "begin run."

What I realized about running an 1'30" pace is that it's fairly slow music wise, or at least much slower than what I'm used to running to. I was listening to a lot of old school hip hop, (which I'm not a fan of) and it was difficult for me to run, I knew about two of the songs that played and the rest I was clueless about. Again, not my type of music. 

I will say that I did keep up the pace which was the whole point of using this feature. But again, I was just very bored and frustrated while running, so maybe I should have a particular artist in mind of the next run.

I've very pleased with Spotify running and I think it's going to be a great tool when I start training for the NYC Half come January. 

Until next time beauties! 

Gearing Up for 2016!

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Oh it's been so long my beauties and I am sorry for that, life has gotten in the way and I've been totally busy, but never fear, I'm back and I'm ready to kick it in high gear and by that I mean it's time to start planning my race schedule for 2016. 

Since I've started running in 2014, I've pretty much stuck with all New York Road Runners (NYRR) races. Yes, I've completed some races outside of that organization, but for the most part I've solely been a NYRR girl. 

But it's time to change all of that...

Next year I have vowed myself to travel more and complete races outside of NYRR and more importantly outside of New York City. I would love to continue my quest to complete at least one race in each state before my running career comes to an end. 

So here's my tentative race schedule for next year.

Diva's Half in Temecula, CA - February 20th
NYC Half - March 20th 
Hot Chocolate 15K/5K - April 2nd
More Shape Women's Half - April 17th
UAE Healthy Kidney 10K - May 14th
Oakley Women's Mini 10K - June 11th
Queens 10K - June 19th
Front Runners Pride Run - June 25th
Rock N Roll Chicago - July 15 - July 17th
Rock N Roll Pennsylvania - September 17th - September 18th
Rock N Roll Brooklyn - October 8th
NYC Marathon - November 6th
Rock N Roll Las Vegas - November 10 - November 13th

As I was planning out my race schedule I've realize that I have a lot of Rock N Roll races on here, that's because I am thinking of completing one of the challenges they have to offer such as the heavy medal challenge. I mean I don't think theres anything wrong with purchasing a $219 tour pass and being able to go wherever I want right? Yupp, that's what I thought. 

I also would like to complete the Trenton Half Marathon, but there is no date set for that yet, but I'll make sure to remember it when my race schedule becomes official. 

AND, I'm completing my FIRST marathon next year, OMG! Can't we take this moment to scream please?! (AHSHAUHUHUHSUHSCCS)

This is it for now beauties, of course I am looking for new places to travel and visit so if there's any race that I need to complete, leave them in the comments below. 

Until next time beauties..  

It's Too Cold To Run...

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It’s that time of the year where you start to second-guess your running. You start to think “can I do this run indoors or should I should take it outside? Do I even go out for a run today or do I say it’s too cold?

As the temperatures begin to drop and the questions start to flow, go over these following statements in your head before you think about not completing your run.

1)It’s not raining or snowing, so it’s a good day for a run.

2) Oh it’s below 40 degrees? That’s all right, layers were invented for a reason.

3) It’s too dark outside, but not to worry because I have reflective gear.

4) Warm up at home, this way you can already be slightly warm when you begin your run.

5) Map out where you’re going to run before you head outside. When in doubt, stay close as possible to home.

6) It’s late I can’t go outside. Check the clock again and I guarantee you it’s only 3pm.

7) Water, water and more water. Make it your friend. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you’re hydrated, so drink water before you leave or keep it handy as you run.

8) Listen to your body on your run, if it’s absolutely too cold, It’s best to turn around and possibly do an indoor run instead. We don’t want frostbite.

9) Mid-afternoon runs are great, maybe during your lunch break, go for a run, but pack extra clothes, you don’t want to be sweaty.

10) And last, be smart. If you absolutely feel a run isn’t going to happen, substitute it for some strength training.

Happy winter running beauties!   

Are You Wearing Panties or Thongs?

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In life, we are faced with multiple decisions and choices everyday. Within that, we have our own preferences like whether we drink coffee or tea, wear Asics or Nikes, or having a night out on the town versus staying in.

Well today I have a question to ask, what do you prefer while running, full underwear or thongs? Now before you say “that’s none of your business,” (which it isn’t,) or “that’s too personal,” let me explain.
When I started running a year and a half ago I never thought this would be a topic on my mind, I usually pick up the first pair of underwear I see and throw it on, no questions asked. But one day, I realized all I had left were thongs, I hadn’t taken care of my laundry and the race was the following morning, I had no choice but to throw on what I had and since then, I haven’t looked back.

I prefer running in thongs because it’s no guess work when putting them on, there’s no thinking “do I have a wedgie,” “can I pull it out in front of all of these people?” “are my panty lines showing?” these are some of the questions I face when wearing full coverage underwear. Although it may seem like the best choice for races, to me it just doesn’t work anymore.

So I ask you beauties, if you feel like sharing, what do you prefer while running, full coverage underwear or thongs?

Until next time beauties.

Lets "Just Dance" for 2016!

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Who doesn’t love an enjoyable and fun workout? I know I do! And this is why I am suggesting that if you have the appropriate gaming system, you should immediately purchase Just Dance 2016. 

I only purchased the game five hours ago and I’m already hooked and found a couple of favorite songs to dance to and you can now go head to head with other dancers around the world. Now I don’t know if this is an older feature from Just Dance 2015, (which I don’t have yet,) but if isn’t then you can certainly look forward to it. 

Favorite songs: 

All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor
Cool for the Summer – Demi Lovato
Fancy – Iggy Azalea feat. Charlie XCX
and my favorite…
Hangover (BaBaBa) – Buraka Som Sistema (I played this three times today)

So here are my scores when I played Hangover

I progressively got better..

And here are my scores when I was challenging other dancers from around the world, I’m QueenB.
Keep in mind I’m such a fanatic of this game that after the first couple of movements I can remember the chorography, so that’s one good way to playing to win. However, for the workout portion, I think it’s great if you just try to kick those legs up and reach out those arms to receive the full extensibility of the workout.

Just Dance really sets you up for sweating, not just the small glisten on your forehead type sweat, but the pants, shirt and hair dripping type of sweat, one where you need to take a show directly afterwards. Good stuff.

Anyway beauties, try the game out, play, sweat and have fun!

Until next time beauties.

Running: The Group vs. Yourself - Finale

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 This is the finale to the running series The Group vs. Yourself, if you haven’t yet read part 1 or part 2 now would be the perfect time to do so.

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when you’re out on the road running with a group:

1)   Make sure you and your running group have rules established before hand. How many water stations are you going to stop at? Do you have walk/run intervals? Is it ok to leave your fellow runners behind if they’re running too slow? These are just a very small portion of questions that should be answered before a group run.

2)   It’s ok to be quiet while running in a group. Don’t feel you have to talk the whole way (unless you want to,) while running. Sometimes its best to stay silent until something funny happens or maybe some funny stories that you have stored in your brain.

3)   Bring your own fuel, water or whatever else you need and don’t feel like you need to intake your fuel the same time as everyone else. If you feel that you need it before or after take it then. Don’t fall into the pressure of doing or not doing something because everyone else is or isn’t doing it.

4)   Stay on one side of the road. Most likely it’s a group of you and you don’t want to bump into other runners and vise versa. Also, other runners will become annoyed with a group weaving throughout the course, you don’t want to be the group that everyone takes negatively about. 

5)   Have fun! You’re with your friends, buddies, and teammates. You don’t want to have a crappy experience because you were with the wrong group of people or you took the race so seriously that you forgot to enjoy yourself.

Here are some of quick tips to keep in mind when you’re out on the road running solo:

1)   Find sometime to focus on mind on. You don’t want to have negative thoughts throughout your run. Find clarity or focus when you’re running, because negative thoughts can and will affect your performance.
2)   Look back when moving from one side of the road to the other. Check your surroundings and make sure you’re not crossing in front of other runners so close that yourself and/or them might trip.
3)   If you’re a runner that runs with music, either keep one ear free or keep the music low. You don’t want to miss an announcement on the course because your music was too loud.

4)   Spitting, shoelace tying or adjusting you should be done on the side of the road. Make sure you don’t stop in the middle of the road and don’t spit in the middle of the road as well. Runners don’t want to willingly step in spit and they don’t want to play hopscotch with spit neither.

These are just nine of the hundreds of “running manners” that are out there. I just wanted to give you beauties some tips to think of the next time you’re running with a group or solo.

I hope you enjoyed this series and I hope it was informative for you all… Until next time beauties.

Come Get Your Swerve on with Nikki Pebbles!

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This Sunday I had the pleasure of taking one of the best cycle classes EVER and who other than to take this cycle class with than the one and only Nikki Pebbles. She’s a fellow Women’s Health Action Hero and just an all around amazing person. If you haven’t met her yet, you should!

This particular class was very interactive and honestly the most fun I’ve ever had in a cycle class. As you cycle, you’re playing a game to see who can rack up the most points. In this game we had three teams, red, blue and green, (My friends and I were on the red team,) and within each match up you have to try and keep your RPM in a certain zone to earn points for your team.

As the 45-minute class went on, the green team dominated the matches, being able to maintain the RPM and gain extra points for their team. There were a couple of times that the blue team came in first but the green team took it. Don’t even ask about the red team, we tried, we really did, but it didn’t happen.

In addition the cycling, there was also an upper body portion of the class. There were weights mounted on the side of the bike and we started to do various upper body exercises. I swear I didn’t realize how much I was neglecting my upper body until then. These weights were probably two or three pounds, maybe five, but my goodness trying to complete these upper body exercises and still spinning was pretty difficult, but I love a good challenge.

In the end the green team did come out on top. But that’s alright because there is always room for redemption and that’s what we plan to do, because lets face it, we’re going back, at least I am.
After the class was over, I chatted with Nikki and told her all of the wonderful things about her class. Seriously beauties, this class is one for the books, especially for us runners out there, it’s a great cross training tool.
Afterwards it was time to head out, but not without another photo with Nikki in front of the Swerve Fitness logo. I went back to my locker and gathered all of my things and quickly realized I was hungry, that’s how I know I was put through a good workout.
Although I didn’t eat right away, I had fun with my friends Aubrie and Tammy shopping for groceries at Trader Joe’s. We went back to Aubrie’s house and chatted and ate some amazing Thai food! Perfect way to end the day.
(myself, Aubrie and Tammy)

This class was great and I am certainly going to take it again with Nikki. I’m sure all of the other instructors are amazing, but lets face it, Nikki is amazing in her own light.

It was $30 for the class, but it was buy one, get one free so it’s technically $15, which is not bad at all. I seriously recommend taking this class if you’re in the NYC area or going to be at any point.

Swerve Fitness is located on 30 W 18th Street in the Flatiron District of NYC.

Until next time beauties!

The 30 Minute Jump Rope Workout

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The 30 Minute Jump Rope Workout

One workout, 30 minutes and a body (that's YOU) is all you need to complete this workout. I actually love jump roping but get a chance to do it as often because I'm always running, but that's about to change. 

This jump rope I've used to complete this workout was provided to me by the wonderful people at Lipton Publicity. This jump rope is very light weight and efficient to carry around especially to the gym. But if you don't have time to hit the gym, this jump rope is also great for home use.
Now the workout, at first is a little challenging but once you complete it a couple of times I promise it becomes easier. Or, if it's too easy, there's other ways to make it more challenging. 
There's one of two ways to complete this workout, you can either a) time yourself for 30 minutes and when the timer stops that's it, or b) you can time yourself ONLY for the jump roping portion but the exercises in between you stop the timer and complete those. Keep in mind the workout will take a little more than 30 minutes to complete. 

This workout is a fun and challenging one to complete but it's great for cardio and strength training. If you want to add some weights you can, what you in between the jump rope "breaks" is totally up to you. 

If you find that you have gone through workouts one though six, please feel free to repeat. If you only want to isolate one muscle group, feel free to only do one of exercises each time you stop jumping. 

If you decide to try this workout leave let me know because I want to know if it was a challenge or if it was too easy. 

Until next time beauties. 

Running: The Group vs. Yourself - Part 2

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It's part two of The Group or Yourself, if you didn't read part 1, you can read it HERE

In addition to running a couple of races with friends, I've ran more than enough races solo and of course it's a different feeling, but I didn't realize how much of a difference it is until I experienced the two back to back. 

This series isn't to tell you which method is "better," it's just to give some insight to both methods of running, try them out and hopefully you'll be successful in either one or both methods. 

1) More focus on your strides and gait.
2) Alone time to solve current issues/problems in your life. (Trust me) 
3) You're able to listen to your favorite music without no interruptions. 
4) If you have a time goal it's easier to focus on PR'ing a race. 
5) You'll feel accomplished when you cross the finish line and you're able to say "I did it," without the help of others. 
6) Your race, your pace. 
7) You'll be able to take notice of the people and places around you. 
8) Most times you'll get invited to a post race brunch/lunch. 

1) Negative thoughts can creep in your mind very quickly. 
2) Jealously of watching everyone run with others and you're alone can get the best of you. 
3) Traveling to and from races can get lonely if you don't make/have a travel buddy. 
4) Quitting might be a strong option if you become injured and don't have a friend/teammate on the course. 
5) There's no celebration party for you, just a shiny medal and you're on your way back home. 
6) You just might not enjoy the race as much as you should have if your friends were around. 

Running with yourself or with friends is totally your choice. There's no need to feel pressured to do one or the other and there's definitely no right or wrong answer. These are just some of the things that I've experienced running solo. 

Next week we'll conclude the series by talking about good running manners when you're solo and with a group. 

Until next time beauties! 

The Race I Now Hate: Staten Island Half

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4:00am is the time my alarm goes off, but I'm not ready to get out of bed so I press snooze on my phone and head back to sleep. A couple of snoozes later I see its 4:30am, now I know it's time to get up and start getting ready. 

After the usual bathroom routine, I immediately turn on my TV to the Disney channel. Of course, Sunday mornings it's The Suite Life of Zack and Cody followed by Wizards of Waverley Place so I'm not complaining. 
My race day outfit was very simple, almost all black everything. I didn't really have any intentions of being seen or being colorful at this race so I kept it simple. 

By 5:55am I was out of my house and started my commute to the a Staten Island ferry. The ferry ran every 30 minutes, which meant I needed to be on an early ferry just incase something unexpected happens. 

With five minutes to spare I make it to the ferry terminal. The doors hadn't open yet but there was crowing around them. I make my way into the sea of people to get to the doors and then I see familiar faces, Amy and Kenny! 

We ride the ferry together and she graciously offered me half of her croissant. I was starving and I ate breakfast, but at that point hunger struck again. I chatted with Amy and Kenny for the rest of the ride as well as us checking our bags. From here, I met up with some of the BGR! ladies and we stretched together as well as chatted and headed over to the start line. 

Jillian and I decided that we were going to run this race together and that we did. We headed off to the port-o-potties and then waited in the corral to start. 
Miles 1 and 2: Very quickly Jillian and I noticed that starting in an "earlier" corral was a different vibe than starting in a later corral. The runners seems very VERY focused and were not interested in chatting. I mean, this doesn't mean we were going to chat with other runners, it just meant that if we wanted to we knew that wasn't going to happen. Five minutes in we saw a fluid station but didn't stop, we just kept going. I noticed that my left knee was starting to hurt again at mile two and the first thing that went into my head was "man I really have to get this checked out." 

Miles 3 and 4: Jillian and I were still keeping up with the "earlier runners" we realized that more and more runners were being released from the corrals and they were catching up to us, which was fine, we really weren't running for time or anything, just running to get through the course. At this time I saw my friend Charlene and she was keeping up with the 2:00 hour pace team. 

Miles 5 and 6: Around mile five we started to see the other runners on our left side on a Boardwalk, which means that's where we were going to end up soon. At mile six we made a left turn and passed an empty fluid station that only had about 15 GU's on the table, no water, no Gatorade, nothing. We kept running and we're on the boardwalk. 

Miles 7 and 8: My leg was really starting to bother me and running on the boardwalk didn't help it at all. I tried readjusting my positioning on the boardwalk but that didn't help as well, I just tried to run/walk through it. At mile eight you can tell there was a water station but again, there was nothing or anyone manning it, everything was packed up and the garbage was off to the side, we couldn't believe it, we shook our heads and kept moving. 

(Mile 8 water station) 

Miles 9 and 10: The two miles that wore me out, after coming off of that boardwalk, the hills at mile nine were ridiculous. At the first hill Jillian and I met three different runners and we chatted with them going up the first hill, we were not trying to run up a hill after coming off of that boardwalk. Then the second even bigger hill came as well, Jillian ran up the hill and I walked it, I knew with my knee pain I wouldn't be able to run of the hill so I tried to conserve as much energy as I can for the flatter parts of the course. 

Miles 11 and 12: My pace slowed down a lot and at times I thought of heading over to the medical tent to quit, but no matter how many times I've tried I couldn't bring myself to walk to that tent. I was trying to keep up with Jillian at this point and it pained me to know that I was holding her back, but I tried anyway. At a point inside mile 11, I stopped, striped to stretch my knee out, anything to ease the pain, but it didn't work. I ended up crying because I felt like I've failed myself and everyone around me, I passed the medical tent already so I couldn't really turn back, I could hear people asking Jillian if they should call the medic for me, but I shook my head. Soon after the same people we met at mile nine came saw me bent over at mile 11, crying. Th spoke to me, told me that I was going to finish this and they weren't going to leave me behind. We started walking and I told Jillian to go ahead because I didn't want to hold her up anymore than I've already have and she did. My new running pals Jose and Gigi carried me through the rest of this race. Of course mile 12 only had Gatorade and no water, go figure. 

Mile 13/Finish: Phone is dead and my watch is going, I know it's a 3 hour plus finish and until today I still don't know the exact time because it's my worse half to date. I guess I'll take a look at it at some point in life, but I'm utterly disappointed at my failed knee. I received my medal and went to pick up my bag and met up with the BGR! ladies. 

It's safe to say this is going to be my last race for awhile, I'm currently in the process of strengthening my knee and the surrounding muscles in order for me to become a more efficient runner. Hopefully in doing this, it will also make me a faster runner and I'll be able to achieve that PR goal I've been looking for. 

(After the race being annoyed)

(Jillian just tagged me in the picture on Facebook as I was writing this) 

Until next time beauties! 

Running: The Group vs. Yourself - Part 1

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During the past couple of weeks I've had so many races that covered a variety of distances, anywhere from a one-mile race to a half marathon.  And each race was a different experience for me. Well clearly the distances where different, but I'm taking about in terms of who I ran with. Either alone, or with a group of people. 

The last time I ran with someone actually side by side was the Brooklyn half in 2014. It was a wonderful experience but something I haven't experienced in awhile and honestly something I didn't care to experience again. To me, I saw all these people running together and I always thought "what about timing?" "What about if one person runs faster/slower than the other." Too many questions and so little experience but at the Bronx 10 Mile, I understood. 

1) You'll always have people there to support you when you're feeling like quitting.
2) Conversations are constant. And after an hour, you'll need it.
3) Most likely you and your team are going through the same motions through running.
4) You don't notice how far you actually ran, while your running. 
5) Sometimes the finishing time isn't important and you're running for fun.
6) Sometimes the finishing time is important and you're looking to PR and so is everyone in your group. 
7) Your group is your own personal pace team. 
8) You'll hear great stories from your friends that you've never heard before. 

1) You might feel like your holding someone back or someone might be holding you back.
2) Sometimes the constant chatter gets annoying. 
3) You don't want to let your group down. 
4) Everyone might have the energy you don’t at a certain point.
5) You might not be able to focus on your breathing or thoughts.
6) Running with music is not happing so just save your battery and track your run via whichever app you use.
7) You can’t leave your group members behind without feeling like a total jerk later on.

Either way beauties, there are a lot of things to consider when you want to run with a group of people during races. Find out if it's for you and give it a shot, remember to find a group of people who either run your pace or slightly faster than you, that would give you the extra push you need to keep going.

Next Tuesday it's The Group vs. Yourself - Part 2. That will cover the the "yourself" side of this topic. So get ready. 

Until next time beauties. 

I Ran the Diva's Half Marathon!

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The alarm goes off at 4:00am and I know it's time to get up. However, I hit the snooze button and don't get up until 4:30am, now the fun begins. It's the normal routine, using the bathroom, washing my face and brushing my teeth.

I turn on the light in my room as well as my living room light. The TV goes on as well because I need to watch something before I head out the door; I can't get ready in silence. Of course I stop at Disney Channel and I caught the end of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Wizards of Waverley place was next. Good enough for me.

I get together all of my things and start putting them together, pants, bra, lipstick, socks, sneakers, basically all the things that a "diva" needs. Prior to this race I originally planned to wear just the sports bra and the matching pants, but because the weather dropped drastically I had to find a long sleeved shirt to wear.

I made my usual peanut butter sandwich while doing my hair in my final steps to getting ready to leave the house. I had to meet my friend downstairs to be on the road by 6am. This race is located in Long Island but of course I’ve never been here before so we wanted to get a good start on things before we ended up hitting heavy traffic. 

30 minutes later we arrived at Eisenhower Park, the location of this race. I was dropped off and went to find where I can find bag check. At bag check, I met up with Berelize, who had my bib and all race day essentials, including my fabulous pink tutu and I couldn’t wait to put on with the rest of my outfit.  I dropped my stuff off and headed over to the start line. 
While waiting for 8:15am to start the race, I used the bathroom three times. I was feeling super nervous and as I watched the different 5K waves go by, I wanted to jump in and just be content with the 5K, but then I quickly realized that paying $110 for a 5K isn’t logical and I was stuck with the half marathon. 

Before I knew it, it was time to start running and three minutes in, I knew I was in trouble.

Miles 1 and 2: Three minutes into mile one and the outside of my left knee was killing me and immediately I had to change up my gait but it was hard to do. I immediately told myself this race was going to be difficult if I'm already feeling pain. The course made a left turn and with a little more running I was at mile 2. My leg was still bothersome but I still was in the process of changing my gait. 

Miles 3 and 4: All I am seeing are trees and people at the sides of the road cheering for us. 30 minutes in, I was finally able to figure out how I needed to run in order to complete this race. Changing my gait gave me confidence in that I could finish this race. So much so that I no longer felt the pain in my knee. If I could keep up like this, I know I can finish this race with my goal time. 

Miles 5 and 6: This is where I started to become annoyed. In mile four I was running on the highway, which was the coolest thing ever because a whole section of the highway was shut down just for us runners. However, it seemed like never ending turns, which started to put pressure on my knee again. Within all of this, I was still maintaining good timing with being on track with my goal time. Also, I got really hot between these two miles so I ran with my long sleeved shirt on my neck at mile five and took it off at mile 6. 

Miles 7 and 8: Mindless miles, because nothing out of the ordinary happened, no magic, nothing. I just passed the mile markers with no thought and kept going. Listening to my Nike+ app, I was still on track with my pace. That's all I needed to hear. 

Miles 9 and 10: If I wasn't annoyed with the course before, I was surely annoyed now. To my right side was just trees and to my left were a bunch of houses with cars parked out front. I wanted to try and appreciate the scenery but I couldn't because there was nothing to see. I began to become bored with the course, for the first time in my race career I was tired, sleepy and kept asking myself "Can I run and sleep at the same time?" "Is this possible?" I couldn't believe it. My leg began hurting again and even with the changed gait I was in pain. I dipped a little in pace at mile nine, but completely lost pace at mile 10. 

Miles 11 and 12: I no longer cared for my pace. Not after what happened at mile 11. I thought "two miles to go, great." I saw the boa and tiara station and changed my tune to "this is a horrible place for this, why not at mile 12?" If that didn't make it worse once I made the right turn to what I thought was the boa and tiara station, there was a parking lot, where we had to run to the other end, make a right turn back down to the other end of the parking lot and make a left to the boa and tiara station. You could tell all of these little turns were just ways to make up the distance of a half marathon. This frustrated me and with the frustration I slowed down, then I stopped caring all together. While at mile 12 I realized I've been on the course for 2:44:35. "There goes my goal of 2:45:00, lets just go for anything less than three hours." 

Mile 13/Finish: 2:56:19 and I was headed to the medical tent. I must have looked like I was in pain because the medic immediately asked me what was wrong and ushered me into the tent. I was given an ice bag for my knee and I sat down for about five minutes before getting up and getting my medal. While getting my medal, I also got a handful of snacks, some champagne and a chocolate chip cookie. 

I enjoyed myself to an extent. I wished the course was a little better and all those unnecessary turns weren't added. If I decided to do this race next year, it probably wouldn't be the half, I think I'll just do the 5K or I might just do the half in Temecula, CA to see what's the hype about, but this particular half in Long Island, no. 

I'm proud that I was able to hold my pace until mile 10, that spoke volumes to me, that I'm am closer and closer to achieving my goal of 2:45:00, but I'm not quite making it yet, I'll keep practicing and training to make sure the next half I'm going to train for will be a 2:45:00 finish time. 

I'm still debating on whether or not I should run the Staten Island half on Sunday. I picked up my bib and I have an outfit planned out but I don't know if I want to run it yet, I guess I have to make a decision between today and tomorrow. 

Until next time beauties.