Product Review: Muscle Milk, Lean Protein Powder

11:29 AM KyannaSimone 3 Comments

Yesterday I was walking around in Walgreens looking for a hair product that my friend recommended to me and I ended up purchasing a pack of Muscle Milk. It was $1.99 for the Vanilla Crème so I figured why not, since I’ve never had it before I knew it was the prefect time to try it.

The package said to make with water, but I usually don’t make protein shakes with water, I use milk, I also added peanut butter and some small ice cubes. Before I start this package contains 25g of lean protein and lactose free. (Maybe adding milk didn’t help.)

You know that chalky protein taste? The one where makes you feel sick to your stomach and almost makes you not want to eat/drink it? Yea, that’s what I tasted here. I mean it wasn’t too bad, I’ve had worse but it wasn’t the best neither, because I’ve had better and that’s weird because I’ve had Muscle Milk products before such as the “ready-to-drink” chocolate milk and they don’t have the chalky taste, but this wasn’t the case.

I was considering purchasing the product by the tub since my job is having a sale on them but after purchasing this sample, I think I’ll pass. Maybe I should try it again but making it with water, would that change the taste? Is it worth it?

Does anyone else have a different experience with this protein power? What is your favorite protein? 
Let me know!

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  1. Hi, I also don't like drinking protein powder with just water neither do I really like the taste of protein powder. I only like protein powder if I mix it with a few ingredients.
    I like to turn my protein drink into a smoothie so I add a banana or half a banana, maybe some peanut butter, and then Almond Milk. Some other variations include adding some greens too to make the drink a full meal such as adding kale or spinach with some fruit and water/almond milk.

    Some protein powders that taste great are About Time Protein ( or Perfect Fit Protein from the creators of Tone it Up ( I'm going to be doing a giveaway next week for About Time Protein (Vegan version) so stay tuned to my blog. I like Tone it Up because it isn't Whey Protein and I personally don't like the way Whey protein tastes.

    Also, I replied to your comment on my blog about the Sarasota MUSIC Half-Marathon on Feb. 8th, 2015. The race you are referring to with the Dolphin medal is not the same race as my Sarasota giveaway. You are referring to the Sarasota half-marathon which is different from the Sarasota Music Half. - here is the race that my giveaway is about. This is the first ever Sarasota Music Half so this race has never happened before. It should be a very fun race because there will be over 15 bands all througout the course plus all finishers get a medal and a fantastic brunch (free brunch - YUM). I'll be announcing the giveaway winner this coming Monday. Good luck.


  2. Oh nice! I thought it was the same race, but I will check out the one you're giving way! free brunch? YUM is correct that just sounds amazing. Cool and thanks a lot.

  3. Yes, the brunch is totally free. Amazing. I'm so excited to run the Sarasota Music Half Marathon next year :)