My Top 25 Food List!

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The year is slowly coming to an end and I just wanted to share my top 25 things to eat to stay on track with my nutrition. I know it’s very easy to derail when you have a set goal in mind, but I like to consider some if not all of these foods my staples, oh and water.
So here’s the list:

1)  Quinoa
2) Brown rice
3) Aspargus
4)Frozen grapes

5) Apples with peanut butter
6) Califlower
7) Trail mix

8) Greek yogurt
9) Almond milk

10) Spinach
11) Shrimp

12) Broccoli
13) Baby carrots
14) Hummus
15) Frozen yogurt
16) Triscuts

17) Cranberries
18) Chicken breast
19) Salmon
20) Sugar-free jell-o
21) Steel cut oatmeal
22) Sushi

23) Strawberries
24) Eggs
25) Ground turkey or chicken

These are just some and not ALL of my favorite foods to eat, I have much more, but I like to make sure that I have these particular items in my house at all times. Maybe it’s time I should switch it up but I have found that these have worked and they just taste so good!

What are your favorite foods to eat? Do you have any staples? Is there anything I need to include or exclude from my list? Let me know

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