GirlsRunFast & 2015 Race Calendar!

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Oh it’s been way too long since I’ve talking to you guys. Life has been getting a little busy but I promise I will be back often. Just trying to smooth everything over and come back and hang out with you guys!

So just a couple of things, 

1) I just became a GirlsRunFast ambassador! I found out late Sunday night and I have just been excited about it ever since. This is my first ambassador I’ve been partnered with and I’m not sure what goes into in 100%, however I’ve seen many other bloggers partnered up with different programs and so I’m sure GirlsRunFast isn’t too much of a difference which is great! So I just want to get started.

2) It’s winding down to the end of the year and it time to start planning for 2015, I mean after all the new saying is…

With that being said, I have my race schedule planned out, well tentative schedule because dates haven’t been released yet and I want to make sure I don’t do too much at once.
2015 Race Schedule:

March 15: NYC Half 
April 12: April fools 15K 
May X: Brooklyn Half 
June X: Queens 10K  
June X: Mini Okley 10K 
June 27: Savage Race
July X: The Color Run 
August X: Neon Dash 
September X: Bronx 10 Mile  
September X: Hot Chocolate 15K 
October X: Staten Island Half 
October X: Diva's Half 
October X: Rock n Roll BK 

This is just a FEW I am going to do, I have more to add because if I want to run the TCS NYC Marathon in 2016 I have to qualify by doing the “9+1” program next year. That’s a lot of running next year, but I’ll be up for the challenge.

Is anyone else running the Marathon in 2016? What about next year in 2015? What are your plans for the new year?

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