Getting Ready for 2015!

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So it’s almost the New Year and you’re still finding yourself stuck in your old ways? Are you trying to start the New Year in good spirits but seems like you can’t let 2014 go? Well look no further, I have my five ways that I like to get ready for the New Year to make sure I start off refreshed, focused and determined.

1) Clean your house/room:

The best way to start off the New Year is clean. Who wants to look at the same dirty, messy house and/or room for the year ahead? If you don’t do an actual scrubbing of everything you own throughout the year, now would be the time to do so. Whatever laundry you have should be done as well, I mean I don’t like to have dirty clothes accumulate on a regular day, so I definitely don’t want to bring them into the New Year. 

2) Buy Groceries: 

Everyone wants a stocked refrigerator, filled cabinets and food to last for a lifetime. Ensuring that you bring in the New Year with an abundance of food, shop for groceries. For some, the New Year is a time where resolutions are made and one of the biggest ones are to lose weight. Since nutrition plays a big part of that, stock your fridge with healthy and nutritious food and snacks. This is to ensure that you already have the necessary tools to succeed for the year ahead. Check out my Grocery Shopping Haul

3) Throw away/redecorate: 

So you’ve cleaned your house, bought new groceries but don’t have anywhere to put them? How about getting rid of the things you don’t use anymore. I have a two-year rule, if I haven’t used it in two years, get rid of it. Now two years does seem long, but you never know when you might need something, so two years is ample time for me. Also, redecorate! Move some furniture around, maybe paint a wall, add some throw pillows or replace your comforter with a new one, doing any, some or all of these things will make you feel as if your in a new setting, something completely different from what you’re used to.

4) Create a PLAN:

What do you want to accomplish in the New Year? Where and what do you see yourself doing? Write it down or create a vision board. Put it a place where you can see it as a daily reminder to never give up on your goals and dreams. Make the New Year different than any other year. 


Reflect on everything that you’ve done or haven’t done throughout the year. What did you do right? Where did you go wrong? Could you have done something better? These are all things to think about. If you feel like the people around you are negative and not constructive to your life then its time to let them go. Only true friends and family will want to see you grow, not struggle. Just take the time to reflect on everything and don’t lie to yourself about it, that’s the only way reflecting works and the only way you as yourself can grow as a person.

That’s my five tips on Getting Ready for the New Year! 

Do you have anything special you do for the New Year? Did you use any of my tips above? 

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