Yoga, Running and More Races!

5:42 PM KyannaSimone 6 Comments

As you guys know I purchased a yoga DVD a couple of weeks ago and I started using it as a cross training tool for running. So far I'm pleased with it since I've been doing it constantly (two to three times a week) and I feel a little flexible, but nothing to where I can drop into a Russian split yet. 

That's about as far as I can go without hurting myself, it's a "good" uncomfortable feeling you know? That feeling when you're stretching yourself out and you can feel all of the limbs in your body loosen up, but not to the point where you pop something, yup that's a good feeling. 

Doing yoga just made me realize all of my problem areas such as my hamstrings, lower back and the tension in my neck. Does anyone else get sleepy after doing yoga or is that just me? 

So the prospect park Turkey Trot is SEVEN days away! I'm so excited because I wanted to do this race last year and I didn't get the chance to, due to it selling out very quickly. But this year I'm in and I'm ready to win. 

The temperatures in NYC haven't been to friendly this past week, numbers like 39 and 27 are quite low, especially for this time for year. It's autumn but I was still expecting upper and lower 40's. This means the winter is going to be brutal and layers are required. 

*I have on multiple layers on, but I think it's time for me to invest in a winter coat. 

Not to worry this just gives me practice to run the NYC Half next year since that race is going to be in March. Speaking of the NYC half, I registered for another race! This is a 15K in Atlantic city. Doesn't that sound fun? Food, friends, hotels, casinos and races. I swear I can't wait because the weekend is going to be filled with excitement and great company. 

I plan to do some traveling next year as I run for several races. I might be going to Philadelphia or possibly Chicago for a couple of races, I haven't decided yet but you know I'll keep you guys posted. 

Where are you guys planning to run got next year? Give me some suggestions!



  1. You should take part in our 30 day splits challenge! Yoga provides amazing support for physical training program. If you're up to the task email

  2. I'm not into much splits either. I actually have really tight hips and I'm working on that. Races for next year? Besides our great NYC races, how about the Disney Princess Half? I did that its inaugural year and had a blast. Just expensive to travel, entry fee, etc.

  3. All the NCY races are on my dream list, but I am also hoping for Chicago and maybe a fun girls race weekend somewhere.

  4. I want to do that. That's the one in FL right? If so, that one sells out SO fast. It sold out in a day this time around. I couldn't believe it. I have to have the money ready by NOW so I can register next year for 2016 :(

  5. Yes, sounds like me! I want to do the Diva's Half Marathon series sometime! I think that would be prefect as a "girls themed" race.