Transformation Tuesday!

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It’s Tuesday folks and I just wanted to bring you guys a quick and short transformation. It’s hard for me to conjure up these old photos because I barley have any. Sure I look a lot of headshots throughout the years, but body shots? Nope, it was very hard to come by, because clearly I didn’t like my body, so why take pictures of it?

I wish this year went differently for me, but sure is life I can’t well on what I did or didn’t do. The only thing I can focus on is what I plan on doing and what type of changes I plan on making as I move forward with my life and this wonderful journey that I am on.

2012 vs. 2014

As a look as this picture I get discouraged somewhat, because I feel like I didn’t do enough. These pictures don’t look so much different but I remember the day I was taking the picture, I remember feeling so heavy and so big, I remember those pants barely fitting and I had to keep adjusting them so that they can fit, I remember changing the pants before I left the house because I would have to keep pulling them up every five seconds. That’s what I remember.

Currently in 2014, I don’t worry about things like that anymore. I don’t worry about clothes fitting, I don’t worry about angles (only when I take selfies lol,) when taking pictures, I don’t worry about purchasing clothes because I feel better about myself, I feel better about who I am and what I’ve become and what I’m going to be.

Short sweet and to the point right? Another Tuesday in the books!

What kind of transformations have you guys made? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Don't know what you're talking about, girl. You are tighter and stronger. Keep focusing on where you're going and not on where you've been or how it's not what you imagined. You're doing it!