Throw Back Thursday: Breast Edition

8:10 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

I already know you guys are looking at this title with wide eyes and scratching your heads and you should. I have gotten this question a couple of times throughout my journey and I thought should I just provide proof. The question is…

“Have you breasts shrunk/gone down/got smaller since you started losing weight?”

And the answer to this is yes they have. I used to have to big breast. They didn’t hurt my lower back or anything (I know people like to say that,) but they were just huge. It was hard to find bras that fit properly and a lot of the time I would have to go to a special bra shop just to get a decent bra. Which cost me about $50 - $70.

*Left 2011/Right 2014

Now I don’t have to worry about that so much. The only place I know of getting bras is Macy’s and other department stores and can roughly cost me $25 - $35. Saving me a lot more money and they event fit better then the so called “specialty bras.”

My breasts feel a lot lighter as well. I didn’t know how heavy they were until I notice how light they have gotten, to me they are so small and I want to wear push up bras all the time, but I know I don’t need too because they are still pretty big.

Just another thing to love about this journey, smaller everything!

Has anything gotten smaller on you guys? Wanted or unwanted? I want to hear your stories.