Life & Black Girls Run!

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Who says you can’t start driving lessons at the age of 24 huh? Not a damn soul, so that’s what I did yesterday. Don’t judge me, I mean I love in NYC, not really space for a car, public transportation takes me everywhere and of course I was deathly nervous about driving so I never had it in sights.

However, I’ve missed out on a couple of jobs in my days because I didn’t have my license, so why not getting it now right? I think it’s worth saying that I did have a lesson when I was 19. No that doesn’t count? Ok.

So I was nervous getting behind the wheel, nervous driving and just nervous of crashing into something or someone, but I think I did surprisingly well, my nerves were all there but my turns were ok, I indicated well, so I mean it’s all about practice but I guess my nerves will calm down as I get more comfortable with it.

That’s me after, still nervous and excited that I’ve completed a driving lesson.

In running news, I just joined Black Girls Run! Yay me. I’m actually really excited to become apart of this group. I have two friends who kept telling me to join BGR! and I just never got around to it. Then one day I said you know what, let me do this and stop playing around. So I did!

My first run with them will be at 7:45am on Sunday, I mean hopefully because I just realized that I have to go into work for 10am and I am not sure if I can make both. Ugh, life kills me. But maybe I’ll be able to make it and if not I’ll try and do a run with them before Sunday? IDK, HELP!

Either way, I’m just excited that I get to run with them. I did NOT give up my affiliation with NYCInstaRunners. So I have TWO running groups! YAY.