Brooklyn Turkey Trot!

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How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Did you eat all you can eat and then some? Surprisingly I didn’t, I had all idea of eating two and three plates of food last night and I struggled to finish one. But it doesn’t matter, that one plate was so good and this means, more leftovers!

Before I actually I started my Thanksgiving festivities I completed the five-mile Turkey Trot in Prospect Park. Which of course it was freezing! 37 degrees!  What?! I mean I’ve never run in those types of temperatures before, so it was a real shock to my system to do so. But I was layered up, I’m talking about high knee socks, two pairs of tights, three shirts, my bright pink sweater, my scarf, oh and my gloves. So I was pretty ok for the most part.

*Me dancing to the Nae Nae on the train platform.

As I mentioned to you guys before I decided to join Black Girls Run! Which is probably the best thing I could have done. I met up with a lady name Ngozi, who is a member of BGR! she lives in my area so we thought it would have been a good idea to go there together.

From there I met some of the other members of Black Girls Run! It was just an instant family affair. Everyone was so welcoming, good mornings were warm and friendly, didn’t do much of an introduction because we were busy trying to take pictures but that’s ok, there will be more events to learn everyone’s name.

Look there’s me! #323

I met Allison, (@girlwithoutattoo) FINALLY! She’s in my other running group NYCInstaRunners.
After this I went to the starting line with @Glamnellie (I don’t remember her first name, SMH) and Tanya, (I don’t know her Instagram name) of course we were freezing but we kept moving.

*Waiting to start

When I got to the start line I saw my friend Miriam and she ran a portion of the race with me with her boyfriend Jesse. But Miriam is a speed demon so I couldn’t keep up with her.

I spent a lot of time on the course taking pictures and checking my phone, I don’t know why I didn’t take this race a little more seriously but hey, such is life. I did however realize that I was running more, taking less walk breaks and actually maintaining a pace.

So I finished in 1:04:47. My previous five-mile time was 1:10:56. So that’s a PR for me baby! In this weather, I’m shocked. Oh yea and it started snowing. But what was I going to do, nothing but run!
After I got my medal, took a picture with BGR! and Black Men Run. It was Thanksgiving so of course we all went our separate ways to get back home and spend time with our families.

*Go us!

Of course when I got home, I took a shower and slept for three hours, then started to cook. But check my medal out!

*After the race

How was your Thanksgiving? What did you eat? And are you planning to go shopping today?

PS: Sorry this isn’t written how I usually write my race post, but it won’t happen again. Xo.

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