Transformation Tuesday!

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Who doesn’t love a good transformation right? I know I do. I always talk about how great it is to look back and see your progress, see your hard work and dedication side by side and realize that it was all worth it and it’s still going to be worth it as you continue on your personal journey.

The left is a picture of me back in my sophomore year of college (2009,) way before I decided to start this journey of mine. I had to idea how much I weighed, no idea of what eating healthy was and no concept of working out. All I knew back then was ice cream, pizza, late night McDonalds’ runs, soda and alcohol. I knew I was overweight, I knew I needed to lose the weight but just never did anything about it back then, I just thought “If I dressed cute, why would it matter how much I weighed.”

The picture on the right is what changing your lifestyle can do for you. It's more water and less soda, more vegetables and less fried foods, more frozen yogurt and fruit instead of ice cream and of course with the combination of working out. 

Yesterday, I was playing around with my camera and took a punch of pictures because I love selfies, don’t judge me and I stopped to actually admire what I looked like down to the muscle in my leg that’s coming defined, looking like I’m about to compete in a competition or something, well not really but that’s how I feel and that is a good feeling.

Again, it’s all about trusting the process and remembering that slow progress is better than no progress. I guess that’s something I have to keep telling myself as well as I know sometimes I can become discouraged when I’m not seeing changes as fast as I would like, but changes do happen and changes do occur.

Trust in the process and believe in yourself.

Do you have a story for transformation Tuesday? Some pictures? Send them in!