Pole Class Adventure!

2:44 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

Friday was an exciting day, I did enjoy myself and it was the first time I did something different in a long time. I took a pole class! Now I’ve taken a couple before, the second one being better than the first, but this third one takes the cake.

This place is called Body & Pole nice small spot in the city, I would probably walk right pass by it if I wasn’t with my friend, but either way I was there and I was nervous ad ready to go.
The class was very small, when I mean a small class, I mean seven people including the instructor and myself, so everyone has a pole to herself, no waiting/sharing poles so it was great.

Of course my BFF has to take a picture of me right? Yea I was trying to hide from the camera and that didn’t work and then to top it all off, I had to sit right behind the instructor, super intimidating!
If that wasn’t enough around warm up time and stretching no one is sweating and of course I’m sweating like a fricking pig. I really felt disgusted with myself at this point. I mean I looked like I has three buckets of water dumped on me and everyone else looked like they have been sitting down at work. I’m sure others were sweating but nothing like how I looked. I quickly got this thought out of my head and just told myself I’m a sweaty person, deal with it, saying this while sweat droplets were falling from my head and hitting the mat.

I mean look the class went very very well and I surely enjoyed myself and I would love to do it again. I don’t remember the instructors name but she was very helpful and informative. She explained each movement step by step making it easy to follow and execute. Her method of teaching was exceptional.

So, I got a couple of videos, check them out.