Fall for Pumpkin

4:26 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

Is anyone else in love with this pumpkin craze? Pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin bread, pumpkin lotion, pumpkin protein powder, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin nail polish. I mean you get my point, everything is just pumpkin thanks to the upcoming Halloween holiday. Well lucky for you guys I also took flight with the pumpkin craze and decided to try pumpkin cream cheese. 

Yes folks, pumpkin cream cheese. I mean I never knew there was such a thing until my mother told me about it, but of course I should have expected it since there is pretty much a pumpkin for everything. 

So my breakfast today was a whole wheat bagel with pumpkin cream cheese. Along with my issue of Runners World Magazine and a cup of Tropicana 50 Red Orange juice. (Supposed to be better for your because it only has 50 calories and 10g of sugar per eight ounce serving.) Am I the only one who has to be ridiculously freezing to drink something warm? No? Okay, I'll take that. 

What I was expecting was a pungent pumpkin taste, almost as if it was eating pumpkin pie, so naturally I was taken aback when the first thing I tasted was cream cheese. Don't laugh, it wasn't until after I bit into the bagel I remembered I was eating pumpkin cream cheese and not a pumpkin pie. The consistency is smooth like cream cheese, wait a little smoother because it's easier to spread on than plain cream cheese and let's face it, that's a process in itself, or am I alone there also? Yea? I'll take that too. 

A bottom portion of the bagel later I wanted a sweet/salty combo and I also didn't have a protein on my plate. Of course I have prosciutto in my refrigerator and threw that right in top of the second half of this bagel. 

Don't judge my food lol. It was actually very good and it was the added salty taste I was looking for. It blended right in with the sweetness of the cream cheese and added for a fulling breakfast. 

What are your favorite pumpkin themed meals for the holiday? I would love to hers about them and try some so I too can hop on the bandwagon.