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Before I post about my Staten Island half experience, I just want to say that I was truly blessed and grateful the entire journey. I've prayed and prayed for weeks on end for me to have a good race. And I did just that, I had a good race. 

As you guys know I got sick two days after the Bronx 10 Mile and was a nervous reck. My body was aching, nose running and I had shortness of breath. There was no way I was going to ever run a half marathon in that condition. 

So I trusted in the man upstairs. Kept to my prayers that he would get rid of my cold, or close enough that I would be able to run. Then a few days after that, TOM came to visit. Really, I didn't ask for TOM to visit me, I don't even like TOM, but whatever. TOM was here, my cold was here and I just prayed that both would be gone by Sunday. 

With both those prayers constantly going every night, I also prayed for a PR. Who am I to pray for everything? To pray for all of these things and expect to get them all. I was scared because maybe I might receive 2/3 of what I prayed for, I didn't expect to receive it all. 

But guess what? I did receive it all, every single thing. My cold was no more, stupid TOM left and I PR'ed. There was a part on the course and I just had to thank the man upstairs because he was watching over me, guiding me and with me every step of the way. That is what I call a good race. 


PS: Staten Island Half race overview will be up tomorrow!