Approaching My Second Half Marathon

5:37 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

Only one day until I run my second half marathon of the year and I am getting over a cold. Can you believe it? Yea I can't either, but such is life. Of course this happened two days after I ran the Bronx 10 Mile race, so maybe someone around me was sick and of course now I am. Either way, I'm looking to be at least 90% better by race day. 

So one day away and then I put another half marathon in the books. I'm creeped out because I am not nervous. Or maybe I don't realize what I'm getting myself into. I know I've just ran 10 miles a couple of weeks back but I have to add on three more to that so it doesn't seem like a lot to do, maybe that could be the reason. 

This is the race I'm looking to PR, to make up for that time at the Brooklyn Half. I'm looking to see under three hours this time. If I PR with a 3:01:59 I guess that's alright too, but to PR under three hours will be amazing. It would just solidify that this training the second time around was put into use, (even though I had a month off due to my toe.) and I did what I had to do. 

After I run the Staten Island half I will have guaranteed entry to the NYC half next year in March. Doing races over the last couple of months is what I needed to do to secure my spot. Last year I tried to get in to the NYC half by "lottery" and of course I didn't get in. But I'm glad that happened. It gave me time to prepare, to train properly and to be ready for that type of distance, since the NYC half is typically done in a colder month. Which mean. NEW GEAR! 

One day and I'll run my second half. Thoughts? Suggestions? Questions? Advice? Let me know!