Transformation Tuesday!

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I really love these post because they remind me of the work I put in, reminding me that quitting isn’t an option even when it seems tough, when I don’t have all the answers the answers will come, when I don’t feel I’m doing things correctly the progress shows.

Either way it seems like I’m rambling on, so let me get right to it.

Sometime around late July I took the picture on the left. The picture on the left was originally showing off my whole body. The progress in my arms, legs, stomach just everything, head to toe.
The picture on the right was taken a couple of days ago and I was just taking it to show off my medal I’ve received from my Black GirlsRun: Virtual 5K.

However, I remembered the picture I took in late July and I decided to compare them to see if there was any difference in the arms and…..

There is!

I mean look, it isn’t a BIG difference, but I can now start to see that “cut” that people love to look for, the definition in my arm, so that’s a good sign. Now it’s just time to keep up the work and see how far this can go, because I’m ready!

If I can only master how to get my body fat percentage down…..