R.O.C. Race: Brooklyn, NY!

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Yesterday was such a fun day I couldn’t believe it. I guess it would help if I stated why and then talked about my amazing day huh?

So yesterday eleven others and myself participated in the R.O.C race (Ridiculous Obstacle Course.) The event is said to be based on a game show, but of course the game show isn’t specified, however while looking at pictures you can tell the show is possibly “Wipeout,” which is ok by me since I watch the show from time to time.

This is the only picture I took because I don’t have a waterproof phone case so I didn’t any pictures of the course at all! Very disappointed about that.

The course is water based, which is prefect for a hot summer day. Not a cold September rainy afternoon, which is exactly what I experienced. By the time I arrived at the course I already looked liked I’ve already finished the course.

Let’s get started..

1) Tight Rope Traverse: Just what it says, walking on a rope while holding another rope above. Everything is connecting to some type of inflatable machine, so that’s what was underneath the rope. The whole time I kept thinking to myself “Kacy Catanzaro wouldn’t fall, why should I?” (See Kacy Catanzaro reference HERE.) Surely enough I made it across.

2) Jump Balls: You ever watched the show Wipeout and saw the constants try to jump across the big red balls? Yep, this is that obstacle. I only made it to the tip of ball two out of four before I fell right off. That’s alright, it was great and I got to experience what the constants experienced on the show.

3) Tarzan Swing: This reminded me more of “American Ninja Warrior.” Of course I had to channel my inner Kacy Catanzaro and grab onto a rope, jump off a platform and swing myself to another platform. I swung, didn’t land, ended up swinging back to the first platform, swung back to the second platform and finally landed!

4) Sweeper: If this wasn’t the epitome of Wipeout then I don’t know what it. There were two machines spinning in the middle of this obstacle and I had to run across this platform trying not to get hit by the “sweeper.” Once I reached the other end of the platform there was a huge slide and I just went down it so fast, I don’t even know what happened lol.

5) Gorilla Bars: a.k.a Monkey bars. Here I am again trying to channel my inner Catanzaro and I fell out on the fourth bar. If I were on American Ninja Warrior it would have been adios to me. But I already knew I need to work on grip strength and upper body strength. Next year!

6) Aqua Drag: Nothing special, just run into a slide and see how far you can go. I didn’t even make it down to the end because the water didn’t take me far enough to get to the end, so I had to stand and walk to the end.

7) Get it up (and over): One of my favorites because it reminded me of when I did Mudderella, (Post Mudderella) and I had to climb over this purple wall. This time I had to climb over a red wall. When I got over it there was a table on the other side to secure the landing.

8) Cool Runnings: I had to run and get a tube, like the ones you would use at a lazy river, climb up some stairs with the tube in hand and then slide down this slide. It was pretty cool.
9) The Drop: Another slide obstacle, this one was a simple run up the stairs and then slide down into a pool of water.

10) The World’s Largest Moon Bounce: This was just like being in a bouncy house. Jumped on it, bounced around and bounced right off. I wish I would have done a flip on it or something, but the bouncing was fun also.

11) Wrecking Ball: *sings* “I came in like a wrecking ball,” lol let me stop. Another Wipeout course. I had to run across this platform and try to get to the other side without letting these two giant big balls hit me while I get there. I got to the middle of the platform and fell right on it, I tried to scoot myself to the other side without the balls hitting me in the head, while doing so there was a guy shooting water at me from a water gun trying to get me to fall off. I eventually fell off and I just walked over to the other side.

12) World’s Largest Inflatable Slide: Seriously the climb up this slide was long but it was worth it because what comes up did surely come down. I slid down that slide so fast I didn’t even have time to figure out how I was going to get out until it was time for me to get out! I screamed the whole way down and even found myself lopsided, yep, don’t ask how.

And there you have it folks my experience at the R.O.C race. I enjoyed myself and can’t wait to do it next year. However I would love to do this again, possibly in August? And when it’s not raining. I know those two factors would make the experience that much more enjoyable.


Edit: here's a picture I was just tagged in!