Black Girls Run: Virtual 5K

1:48 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

Yesterday I did my first virtual 5K. I spoke on this before but let me refresh everyone's  memory. This 5K is "virtual,". But maybe not what you're thinking. The group Black Girls Run are inspiring people to get up and start running, to put their health on the frontline. The "Walk Before You Run" approach. When your register you can download a guide to run a 5K, whether it maybe your first or 15th 5K. 

To me this 5K seemed as if it was a catered to beginners but others are welcomed. This was a chance to run a 5K without having the pressures of running a race where there are hundreds of people around you, waiting for the gun to go off, nerves take over your body and the 'Oh My Gosh' feeling of "am I really doing this?" type race. 

While researching this particular 5K, I read you don't have to run this race alone. Just like any other race, you can run with other people or fellow Black Girls Run members. You can pick any course and any time you want to run this race and do so. As long it was a 5K (3.1 miles.) 

After you've finished your run, you simply go back on the website, entire the time you finished your run and sit back and wait for your medal. Did I mention you get a medal for this race? Yup you surely do! 

But wait, how do they know if you completed your run or not? Well, it's all about being honest with yourself right? You paid for the race and didn't run, enter a time and say you completed it and get a medal. Does that feel like much of an accomplishment? To me it doesn't. You pretty much paid for a medal just to say you have one, but really didn't put it the work for a medal. Doesn't seem medal worthy to me. 

And that's it! You've finished your first virtual 5K with Black Girls Run! And your first 5K in your life or your 16th either way your done. I personally liked it because it was a tune up while I train for my other races later on in the year and get a nice medal. 

There is another virtual event on December 20th pretty cold to run, but I'll give it a shot because by then I will be training for the NYC Half! Next time around I will being along my friends who also want to get into this sport of running and they can earn their very first medal! Excited. 

My review on my first virtual 5K. I encourage anyone who is looking to start running to consider giving this a shot!