Bronx 10 Mile!

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My eyes open at 3:20AM, that’s the time I see on my phone. However my alarm goes off in 25 minutes, I lay in bed until then. My alarm goes off, I get up and realize I should have gotten up earlier, no worries I tell myself, I already know what I’m wearing and it isn’t going to take a long time for me to get dressed.

I do my morning rituals, wash my face, brush my teeth the normal. It’s now pushing 4AM, I get breakfast together, the usual, whole-wheat toast, peanut butter and slices of bananas. I begin to get dressed as well, because I would like to be out of the house by 5AM, but it doesn’t seem like that’s happening.

I’m eating, clothes are on, hair is done and I’m drinking some water while trying to pack my fanny pack together. I throw in a couple of dollars, ID card, my shot bloks and metro card in there. I text my friend Avonna (who I only met the night before on facebook through my running group NYCInstaRunners) to see how far along she was. We were both ready to walk out the door in the next 10 minutes, so I took some pictures before then.

I meet Avonna at the train station, hopped on the train and chatted until we have to transfer trains, lucky we didn’t have to wait long for the second train and we hopped on that as well.

As Avonna and I chatted I’ve noticed the runners crowing the train with each and every stop. Excitement couldn’t even being to describe the feeling that overwhelmed me. Thousands of people getting ready to run, but for various amount of reasons.

We get off the train and find our way up a hill and to baggage check where we met the rest of out team. We chatted, took a couple of pictures and went on the line for the bathrooms. After that, I realized I was getting hungry and I popped a shot blok in my mouth and then went to line up at my corral.

Avonna and I started to put out headphones on as we walked up to the start line and then in less than five minutes we were off.

Mile 1: My ankle is already hurting, I felt so strong, but my ankle is killing me. I run slower to conserve energy and not to agitate my ankle anymore than what I am already doing to it, or wait until the pain subsides.

Mile 2: My ankle is still hurting me but I am by no means quitting, I’m still running slower than usual but I am ok. I turn around to see if I see Avonna and I don’t see her. Damn I’ve lost her, but I keep running.

Mile 3: It’s hot, the sun comes up from no where, it’s getting harder to keep a pace especially with my ankle, but I keep going. “Balada Boa” by Gusttavo Lima starts playing and I’m finally in a zone. This is one of my power songs and then I feel a tap on my right shoulder. I turn to look and I see a woman in green, she’s talking to me but I cant make out what she’s saying, I pull back one of my ear phones and she said “Hi I’m So1913.” Of course my mind went into overdrive like “what are all these numbers, oh this is an instagram name, associating the profile picture to the name and then finally saying,” “OH HEY!” now knowing who she was. (I don’t remember faces at all, but names I can remember.) Next to her was a man in a red shirt, he too also said hi and he spoke saying “I’m Alexie” again another quick register of my brain to come to the conclusion that is this “Alexie Bailey” from Facebook. Alexie then introduces me to his friend Cindy, who has on a bright green sports bra and black shorts. I could just remember thinking, “damn I’m going to wear something like this one day.”
We chatted some while we ran. I tried to keep up with Kai/So1913 but I had to slow down a little because of my ankle, so she ended up taking off. Alexie and Cindy pass me a bit up I managed to keep up with them for the majority of this mile.

Mile 4: I’m keeping up with Cindy. She’s in front, I’m in front and I make her my pacer. Alexie is right next to her as well, but he catches up with Amy and talks to her. Cindy passes Alexie and Amy and so do I. I give them a wave and I keep running. There was a small water sprinkler at this point but I didn’t run through it, I just kept going. I remembered thinking that this is a out and back course and I know I was going “out” but I looking for the “back” the turn in this course and I didn’t see it. Alexie caught up to me again and explained how the course is shaped, so it was going to take awhile until we saw the “back” part of the course.

Mile 5: I’ve lost Alexie and Amy but I am still keeping up with Cindy, we’re still going stride for stride. At this point I see the “sweep” truck on my right making the turn to mile four. I just thought “I have to pick up the damn pace, that truck is not getting me.”

Mile 6: The turn that finally starts the “back,” of the “out and back.” I feel a wave of relief, because I’ve made it to mile six without being swept. I glance over to my right and I can see handfuls of runners. I see Alexie and Amy, which mean they are behind me. Cindy is still next to me so this means I’m keeping pace. I make a right turn and there is a small incline, Cindy gets in front of me and then I stay right with her.

Mile 7: I realize I have passed Cindy at this point, so I just have to keep going. I know I have the energy, my ankle doesn’t hurt anymore, so I know I can keep going. Avonna spots me and waves, she’s talking to two other women and walking. She’s shocked because she didn’t know she was in front of me, I’m shocked because I thought I left her behind me. Either way it was nice seeing her on the course. I wave to her that I’m going to see her later and then I keep running.

Mile 8: I know I have lost everyone at this point, I know that everyone is behind me with the exception of Kai/So1913. But now a new problem has arisen, the soles of me feet hurt, its beginning to get harder to run. My chest tightens up and I walk. I need to catch my breathing, I don’t want to pass out, and I just walked for a while. Once I caught my breath and felt good enough to run, I did. An over pass was above me and I can see people cheering. I wave back and continue to run a nice little downhill, but of course this means an uphill was coming. I slowed down my pace, but ran up and then walked once I got to the top.

Mile 9: Good lord I know there is one mile left. I wanted to fun as fast and I could, but I didn’t want to tire out and then not be able to run across the finish line. I wanted to finish strong, so I waited and waited until I saw the mile 10 marker and the finish sign and I ran as hard as I could passing everyone else who was in front of me.

Mile 10/Finish: I’m done, I’m done. No crying for me this time, however I felt like I was going to, but I held it in. I hear the screams and cheers and someone gives me my medal. I make my way over to the water station and got a bottle of water as well as an apple and a banana. I was now waiting for Avonna. I did end up seeing Kai, Cindy and Amy. Kai and I waited for Avonna and Alexie. Who were with others when we caught up to them.

I finished in 2:12:42. I didn't realize that I've set two times for myself. 2:18:59 and 2:20:59. Needless to say I beat both times I set for myself and I feel a little more comfortable going into this half marathon.

After that we went to the city, got some food with a bunch of other fellow NYCInstaRunners members and I got to know other people. A great experience.

So now, I have 12 days until the Staten Island Half Marathon. Still in training mode and making sure I am ready to take on that distance and of course not get swept because this race has a three hour time limit and you know the last time I finish my half in 3:02:59. This is redemption for me.

Catch me in Staten Island next!


Transformation Tuesday!

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I really love these post because they remind me of the work I put in, reminding me that quitting isn’t an option even when it seems tough, when I don’t have all the answers the answers will come, when I don’t feel I’m doing things correctly the progress shows.

Either way it seems like I’m rambling on, so let me get right to it.

Sometime around late July I took the picture on the left. The picture on the left was originally showing off my whole body. The progress in my arms, legs, stomach just everything, head to toe.
The picture on the right was taken a couple of days ago and I was just taking it to show off my medal I’ve received from my Black GirlsRun: Virtual 5K.

However, I remembered the picture I took in late July and I decided to compare them to see if there was any difference in the arms and…..

There is!

I mean look, it isn’t a BIG difference, but I can now start to see that “cut” that people love to look for, the definition in my arm, so that’s a good sign. Now it’s just time to keep up the work and see how far this can go, because I’m ready!

If I can only master how to get my body fat percentage down…..


Quick Training Update!

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Training & Central Park: 

Oh boy, there are seven days left until the Bronx 10 Mile race and 21 days until my second half marathon, the Staten Island half. I would certainly love to PR both of these runs, that would be an amazing feeling and just an amazing accomplishment. But who knows, my training is saying that I might be able to pull it off, but of course race day might say otherwise. 

A couple of days ago I ran 10 miles and I have to say it was somewhat difficult. When I ran I feel the first three miles for me are pretty difficult and I honestly wanted to quit after mile five because I felt like I just couldn't do it anymore. 

I kept telling myself "I've already ran 8 miles, so running five miles today is ok," then I remembered that I am also training for a half marathon and not just a 10 mile race. But I still kept telling myself "well, I can run five maybe six miles today and then run 12 on Saturday." I wanted to cheat the training, I wanted to eliminate miles because I was tired and just didn't feel like it. But I did ended up running the 10 miles and I felt great. 

Look at these numbers... 

I'm on track for me running this 10 mile race by 2:20 and running a half marathon in under three hours,  but then again who knows, I hope I'm doing well. 

However it's now Saturday as I write this and I didn't run those 12 miles. I didn't get a chance to put that mileage in, so of course that's going to be done tomorrow. I just hope I don't become tired and lazy! 


R.O.C. Race: Brooklyn, NY!

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Yesterday was such a fun day I couldn’t believe it. I guess it would help if I stated why and then talked about my amazing day huh?

So yesterday eleven others and myself participated in the R.O.C race (Ridiculous Obstacle Course.) The event is said to be based on a game show, but of course the game show isn’t specified, however while looking at pictures you can tell the show is possibly “Wipeout,” which is ok by me since I watch the show from time to time.

This is the only picture I took because I don’t have a waterproof phone case so I didn’t any pictures of the course at all! Very disappointed about that.

The course is water based, which is prefect for a hot summer day. Not a cold September rainy afternoon, which is exactly what I experienced. By the time I arrived at the course I already looked liked I’ve already finished the course.

Let’s get started..

1) Tight Rope Traverse: Just what it says, walking on a rope while holding another rope above. Everything is connecting to some type of inflatable machine, so that’s what was underneath the rope. The whole time I kept thinking to myself “Kacy Catanzaro wouldn’t fall, why should I?” (See Kacy Catanzaro reference HERE.) Surely enough I made it across.

2) Jump Balls: You ever watched the show Wipeout and saw the constants try to jump across the big red balls? Yep, this is that obstacle. I only made it to the tip of ball two out of four before I fell right off. That’s alright, it was great and I got to experience what the constants experienced on the show.

3) Tarzan Swing: This reminded me more of “American Ninja Warrior.” Of course I had to channel my inner Kacy Catanzaro and grab onto a rope, jump off a platform and swing myself to another platform. I swung, didn’t land, ended up swinging back to the first platform, swung back to the second platform and finally landed!

4) Sweeper: If this wasn’t the epitome of Wipeout then I don’t know what it. There were two machines spinning in the middle of this obstacle and I had to run across this platform trying not to get hit by the “sweeper.” Once I reached the other end of the platform there was a huge slide and I just went down it so fast, I don’t even know what happened lol.

5) Gorilla Bars: a.k.a Monkey bars. Here I am again trying to channel my inner Catanzaro and I fell out on the fourth bar. If I were on American Ninja Warrior it would have been adios to me. But I already knew I need to work on grip strength and upper body strength. Next year!

6) Aqua Drag: Nothing special, just run into a slide and see how far you can go. I didn’t even make it down to the end because the water didn’t take me far enough to get to the end, so I had to stand and walk to the end.

7) Get it up (and over): One of my favorites because it reminded me of when I did Mudderella, (Post Mudderella) and I had to climb over this purple wall. This time I had to climb over a red wall. When I got over it there was a table on the other side to secure the landing.

8) Cool Runnings: I had to run and get a tube, like the ones you would use at a lazy river, climb up some stairs with the tube in hand and then slide down this slide. It was pretty cool.
9) The Drop: Another slide obstacle, this one was a simple run up the stairs and then slide down into a pool of water.

10) The World’s Largest Moon Bounce: This was just like being in a bouncy house. Jumped on it, bounced around and bounced right off. I wish I would have done a flip on it or something, but the bouncing was fun also.

11) Wrecking Ball: *sings* “I came in like a wrecking ball,” lol let me stop. Another Wipeout course. I had to run across this platform and try to get to the other side without letting these two giant big balls hit me while I get there. I got to the middle of the platform and fell right on it, I tried to scoot myself to the other side without the balls hitting me in the head, while doing so there was a guy shooting water at me from a water gun trying to get me to fall off. I eventually fell off and I just walked over to the other side.

12) World’s Largest Inflatable Slide: Seriously the climb up this slide was long but it was worth it because what comes up did surely come down. I slid down that slide so fast I didn’t even have time to figure out how I was going to get out until it was time for me to get out! I screamed the whole way down and even found myself lopsided, yep, don’t ask how.

And there you have it folks my experience at the R.O.C race. I enjoyed myself and can’t wait to do it next year. However I would love to do this again, possibly in August? And when it’s not raining. I know those two factors would make the experience that much more enjoyable.


Edit: here's a picture I was just tagged in! 

Black Girls Run: Virtual 5K

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Yesterday I did my first virtual 5K. I spoke on this before but let me refresh everyone's  memory. This 5K is "virtual,". But maybe not what you're thinking. The group Black Girls Run are inspiring people to get up and start running, to put their health on the frontline. The "Walk Before You Run" approach. When your register you can download a guide to run a 5K, whether it maybe your first or 15th 5K. 

To me this 5K seemed as if it was a catered to beginners but others are welcomed. This was a chance to run a 5K without having the pressures of running a race where there are hundreds of people around you, waiting for the gun to go off, nerves take over your body and the 'Oh My Gosh' feeling of "am I really doing this?" type race. 

While researching this particular 5K, I read you don't have to run this race alone. Just like any other race, you can run with other people or fellow Black Girls Run members. You can pick any course and any time you want to run this race and do so. As long it was a 5K (3.1 miles.) 

After you've finished your run, you simply go back on the website, entire the time you finished your run and sit back and wait for your medal. Did I mention you get a medal for this race? Yup you surely do! 

But wait, how do they know if you completed your run or not? Well, it's all about being honest with yourself right? You paid for the race and didn't run, enter a time and say you completed it and get a medal. Does that feel like much of an accomplishment? To me it doesn't. You pretty much paid for a medal just to say you have one, but really didn't put it the work for a medal. Doesn't seem medal worthy to me. 

And that's it! You've finished your first virtual 5K with Black Girls Run! And your first 5K in your life or your 16th either way your done. I personally liked it because it was a tune up while I train for my other races later on in the year and get a nice medal. 

There is another virtual event on December 20th pretty cold to run, but I'll give it a shot because by then I will be training for the NYC Half! Next time around I will being along my friends who also want to get into this sport of running and they can earn their very first medal! Excited. 

My review on my first virtual 5K. I encourage anyone who is looking to start running to consider giving this a shot!