Toe Update!

1:52 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

Happy August folks,

Gosh, I feel like the year just started and it’s August, but that doesn’t mean we’re done.
So, I just wanted to give a quick update on my toe and of course some pictures and you guys tell me what you think.

Since the last time I’ve been to the podiatrist again for a follow up appointment and he pretty much said it’s ok and “good to go” however the area is still swollen so I’m afraid to put sneakers on.

I have been soaking it twice a day like the podiatrist said and it looks like it’s scabbing over, but again I’m not sure. This after he put some medicine on it of course, so again I’ve just been trying to take it easy and not apply too much pressure, but now I’m getting bored!

Working on my upper body and my core has become the sole focus right now since I can’t run. But I miss it so badly and I can’t wait to get back into it.


Pictures are below; let me know what you think about this healing process.