My First Run Since 7/20/14!

2:41 AM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

I finally got the chance to run guys! Aren’t you excited for me? Well I’m excited for me. Almost after a month of not running, I finally ran a mile. I must say it was VERY difficult and almost tiresome to complete this mile, but it better then not doing anything at all.

I realized that my feet did hurt after a short period of time. So that only means that I need to get my body accustomed to running again. I mean three weeks? Who knew it would take such a toll? Not me!

What I am happy about is that 11:01 time. It's a 30 seconds slower then what I'm used to seeing but hey, what am I to expect huh? I need to learn to scale back and speed towards the end of a race. I'll work on that when I start training on Monday! 

The good thing is that my toe is completely healed, I have no more pain no more, puss leakage, no more scabbing, nothing! The healing process did take A LOT longer than what I would have liked it to take, but it’s better than it NOT healing at all, or worse, getting infected.

Since the picture of my toe isn’t “gruesome looking” I’ll just post it here. PLEASE don’t mind my nail polish, LOL! I am still somewhat afraid to take of the polish or even repaint my nail right now. Maybe I’ll do that later in the month. Just to be sure!

Running just one mile for the next two days and then I will stick to my training plan as much as I can for the next seven weeks. The Bronx 10 Miler and the Staten Island Half is coming up and I want to know that I put my all into my training plan.