You vs. You!

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It’s You vs. You and don’t let ANYONE else tell you other wise!  

I’ve realized during the course of my journey that I can’t compare myself to anyone else and vise versa. I used to do this, a lot. And where did it get me? Nowhere, I was feeling more defeated than before, ready to give up and let nature take it’s course and just all around lost faith in everything around me.

Then I decided, enough is enough and I had to stop feeling sorry for myself, stop looking at others and be proud of how far I’ve come and be proud that I still have journey to complete. Some people don’t even start and some don’t finish and I didn’t want to be put in that last category.

So this month, I vowed to attack things, challenge myself, change myself, change my mindset and just doing things differently, because obviously doing things the same, wasn’t helping.

So one of the challenges I decided to take on was to burn 1,000 calories a day. Now so most this sounds like a lot. But to me, it sounded like something I needed. When I started my journey, I used to burn anywhere between 700 – 1,000 cals, with each workout or with multiple workouts. I've also decided to take on another plank challenge, attempting to do a pull-up, drinking more water and various other challenges.

This is me, taking my life back, taking my journey back, ready to attack everything I do. I know there are MANY people who don’t agree with what I do, how I do it, or even why I do it and that’s ok.

Like I said in the beginning, everyone’s journey is different, just how no one person is the same. When you spend your time making others happy, you forget to make yourself happy.