Five Miles of Weight?

10:20 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

It's always a high you get when you're doing something you love right? That's how I feel when I'm running, when I'm training, when I'm being myself. I'm stress free, I have time to think, time to plan, time to essentially plan out my future, all while I'm training and living a healthier lifestyle. That's what running does for me. 

Thursday, I went out and ran five miles. It felt really good, I mean down right amazing. I headed over to Prospect park and I could remember the days I would come and train for the Brooklyn half.  Way better than running my "at home route." Running these five miles made me feel complete, it helped me feel that I am ready for the next two major races that I have coming up. 

A very slow five miles due to soreness from working out, but it's five more miles that's going to help me on September 28th. But running those five miles also reminded me of something as well. My weight. 

Why? Because as I runner I feel the difference. Don't think I'm crazy or anything, but I honestly can feel the difference. After gaining almost five to seven pounds since may, I can tell. It's nothing that can't be undone, but it's something I've noticed. That's me knowing my body inside and out. It's discouraging a little bit because it's make running harder and puts an extra unnecessary strain on your legs, but that's what happens when you lose focus. But I'm regained focus and I'm ready to take this challenge on. 

Anywho, with less than a month away from my Bronx 10 Mile race, I'm more excited than ever to continue training and continuing to becoming a better, stronger, faster me.