A Busy Few Running Weeks!

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Happy Monday everyone! The Emmys are airing tonight and I'm excited. If you don't know, I'm a big television fanatic so I always love to see which of my favorite shows win and which doesn't. 

Anywho,  as August comes to a close, I am becoming more and more nervous about the races I have to run. Only because the more I currently run now, the more out of shape I feel and the more it dawns on me that I feel I am not capable of running these races. 

You guys know I am running the Bronx 10 Mile which is in 34 days and the Staten Island half which is in 48 days! Seems like not enough time to train and become faster,  but at this point, it's about trusting the training and giving it 100%

The Staten Island half has a three hour time limit. According to NYRR rules if I can't maintain a 13:45 pace per mile I will be "swept" off the course starting at mile eight. 

Can I tell you that is one of my biggest fears! Being swept off the course. If you guys remember I finished the Brooklyn Half Marathon just over three hours 
, (3:02:59) I have a feeling that I can surely come in under that time because I did stop for a bathroom break and I did stop to stretch, however those things were necessary! Hopefully I don't need to go to the bathroom this time around and I can come under three hours! Lol 

In addition to these two races, I also have two more. One on September 7th which is a a virtual 5K and another on September 13th called the R.O.C race. Excited for both of these run runs before I have to take on my two major races. 

The virtual 5K is just that, virtual. Well not in that sense. It's pretty much you run a 5K, anywhere and anytime of the day, as long as it's done on that day. Anddddddd, you get a medal for it! How could I say no! Lol. It's apart of the running group "Black Girls Run" I just signed up, printed out a "bib" and yea, just waiting on the date to run. You put your race time on the website and in about 3 - 4 weeks, your medal comes! 

The R.O.C race is more of a obstacle course and you run with a team, it's supposed to be "game show" inspired and the only game show I can think of is "wipeout" so it seems like it's going to be a fun course and a run fun! So I can't wait for that. 

As you guys can see, I am really excited and nervous! I love running, I love these new races and fun runs that I'm doing but I also can't wait to be done with these "big" races so I can make my way to the NYC Half Marathon next year! That's the goal for now!