Five Miles of Weight?

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It's always a high you get when you're doing something you love right? That's how I feel when I'm running, when I'm training, when I'm being myself. I'm stress free, I have time to think, time to plan, time to essentially plan out my future, all while I'm training and living a healthier lifestyle. That's what running does for me. 

Thursday, I went out and ran five miles. It felt really good, I mean down right amazing. I headed over to Prospect park and I could remember the days I would come and train for the Brooklyn half.  Way better than running my "at home route." Running these five miles made me feel complete, it helped me feel that I am ready for the next two major races that I have coming up. 

A very slow five miles due to soreness from working out, but it's five more miles that's going to help me on September 28th. But running those five miles also reminded me of something as well. My weight. 

Why? Because as I runner I feel the difference. Don't think I'm crazy or anything, but I honestly can feel the difference. After gaining almost five to seven pounds since may, I can tell. It's nothing that can't be undone, but it's something I've noticed. That's me knowing my body inside and out. It's discouraging a little bit because it's make running harder and puts an extra unnecessary strain on your legs, but that's what happens when you lose focus. But I'm regained focus and I'm ready to take this challenge on. 

Anywho, with less than a month away from my Bronx 10 Mile race, I'm more excited than ever to continue training and continuing to becoming a better, stronger, faster me. 


A Busy Few Running Weeks!

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Happy Monday everyone! The Emmys are airing tonight and I'm excited. If you don't know, I'm a big television fanatic so I always love to see which of my favorite shows win and which doesn't. 

Anywho,  as August comes to a close, I am becoming more and more nervous about the races I have to run. Only because the more I currently run now, the more out of shape I feel and the more it dawns on me that I feel I am not capable of running these races. 

You guys know I am running the Bronx 10 Mile which is in 34 days and the Staten Island half which is in 48 days! Seems like not enough time to train and become faster,  but at this point, it's about trusting the training and giving it 100%

The Staten Island half has a three hour time limit. According to NYRR rules if I can't maintain a 13:45 pace per mile I will be "swept" off the course starting at mile eight. 

Can I tell you that is one of my biggest fears! Being swept off the course. If you guys remember I finished the Brooklyn Half Marathon just over three hours 
, (3:02:59) I have a feeling that I can surely come in under that time because I did stop for a bathroom break and I did stop to stretch, however those things were necessary! Hopefully I don't need to go to the bathroom this time around and I can come under three hours! Lol 

In addition to these two races, I also have two more. One on September 7th which is a a virtual 5K and another on September 13th called the R.O.C race. Excited for both of these run runs before I have to take on my two major races. 

The virtual 5K is just that, virtual. Well not in that sense. It's pretty much you run a 5K, anywhere and anytime of the day, as long as it's done on that day. Anddddddd, you get a medal for it! How could I say no! Lol. It's apart of the running group "Black Girls Run" I just signed up, printed out a "bib" and yea, just waiting on the date to run. You put your race time on the website and in about 3 - 4 weeks, your medal comes! 

The R.O.C race is more of a obstacle course and you run with a team, it's supposed to be "game show" inspired and the only game show I can think of is "wipeout" so it seems like it's going to be a fun course and a run fun! So I can't wait for that. 

As you guys can see, I am really excited and nervous! I love running, I love these new races and fun runs that I'm doing but I also can't wait to be done with these "big" races so I can make my way to the NYC Half Marathon next year! That's the goal for now! 


KyannaSimone's Running Guide for Beginners.

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So you want to start running but don’t know how? Want to take on a 5K, 10K or half marathon someday but not sure how to start? Well hopefully my experience with running and some guided tips can help you with that process.

The first thing of any new program is always to believe that you can do it, put your mind to the process and know that you will succeed, but also understand that you will have set backs.

When I started running way before my journey my friend introduced me to “The Color Run” 5K plan. Of course I didn’t stick to it, until a year later when I was actually on my journey and was running my first 5K, which happened to be “The Color Run.”  So my first point will be to set your eyes on a goal or a race, possibly even register so you know you HAVE to do it. Because lets face it, who wants to waste money in this day and age?

This is the exact running planning I used when I trained my first 5K.

I ran in the gym, on the treadmill, three or four days a week. When I felt like it got too easy, I increased my speed to always keep myself challenged and to improve. However, if you can run outside, so do. This brings me to my second point, running on the treadmill and running on cement are two COMPLETELY different feelings and the cement will feel harder and is harder than running on a treadmill.

If you decided to take your running outside know your area and know your surroundings. If the area you live in has a track or a strip of area where you can start your running, then that’s prefect. I currently run a mile straight up and down a few blocks, however if I wanted to practice on a track I can run a few more blocks and do so. Third point, in my opinion you don’t want your very first run to be somewhere you’ve never been or haven’t seen before, especially if you’re alone. If you have a friend who runs, that’s great. They can be there to push you and test your limits. That friend needs to understand that you’re a beginner and they shouldn’t expect you to run 3 miles in 15 minutes, but if you can, great!

If you’re running just for cardio, I would say run for 30 – 45 minutes or even break it in a circuit. However if you’re running to start races, when you complete your first 5K, it’s time to start a 10K or half marathon-training plan. There are a lot of these different plans online you can research and follow for your next race. Luckily for me, I ran a half marathon and a 10K after, so my 10K felt easy, however my half marathon was a bit difficult. My advice would be to do a 10K then a half marathon, it should be easier when you’re training and adding miles as you go along.

Notes: 5K – 3.1 miles
            10K – 6.2 miles
            Half Marathon – 13.1 miles
            Marathon – 26.2 miles
            *Keep your chest up and your shoulders back.
            *Remember to breathe. I have a pattern in which I breathe “1-2-3/1-2” Inhale for three seconds and exhale for two seconds. You’ll notice when you do this the feet in which you inhale and exhale on changes. This prevents cramps on either side of your body; trust me, best tip I’ve learned.
            *Music or not. I personally love to run with music, I can’t stand listening to what’s around me when I run, however there are a lot of people who prefer the opposite. So find out what works for you.

I hoped this helped. I would hate to have forgotten something, but if I did leave something unanswered, just ask and I’ll make sure to get back to you.


My First Run Since 7/20/14!

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I finally got the chance to run guys! Aren’t you excited for me? Well I’m excited for me. Almost after a month of not running, I finally ran a mile. I must say it was VERY difficult and almost tiresome to complete this mile, but it better then not doing anything at all.

I realized that my feet did hurt after a short period of time. So that only means that I need to get my body accustomed to running again. I mean three weeks? Who knew it would take such a toll? Not me!

What I am happy about is that 11:01 time. It's a 30 seconds slower then what I'm used to seeing but hey, what am I to expect huh? I need to learn to scale back and speed towards the end of a race. I'll work on that when I start training on Monday! 

The good thing is that my toe is completely healed, I have no more pain no more, puss leakage, no more scabbing, nothing! The healing process did take A LOT longer than what I would have liked it to take, but it’s better than it NOT healing at all, or worse, getting infected.

Since the picture of my toe isn’t “gruesome looking” I’ll just post it here. PLEASE don’t mind my nail polish, LOL! I am still somewhat afraid to take of the polish or even repaint my nail right now. Maybe I’ll do that later in the month. Just to be sure!

Running just one mile for the next two days and then I will stick to my training plan as much as I can for the next seven weeks. The Bronx 10 Miler and the Staten Island Half is coming up and I want to know that I put my all into my training plan.


You vs. You!

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It’s You vs. You and don’t let ANYONE else tell you other wise!  

I’ve realized during the course of my journey that I can’t compare myself to anyone else and vise versa. I used to do this, a lot. And where did it get me? Nowhere, I was feeling more defeated than before, ready to give up and let nature take it’s course and just all around lost faith in everything around me.

Then I decided, enough is enough and I had to stop feeling sorry for myself, stop looking at others and be proud of how far I’ve come and be proud that I still have journey to complete. Some people don’t even start and some don’t finish and I didn’t want to be put in that last category.

So this month, I vowed to attack things, challenge myself, change myself, change my mindset and just doing things differently, because obviously doing things the same, wasn’t helping.

So one of the challenges I decided to take on was to burn 1,000 calories a day. Now so most this sounds like a lot. But to me, it sounded like something I needed. When I started my journey, I used to burn anywhere between 700 – 1,000 cals, with each workout or with multiple workouts. I've also decided to take on another plank challenge, attempting to do a pull-up, drinking more water and various other challenges.

This is me, taking my life back, taking my journey back, ready to attack everything I do. I know there are MANY people who don’t agree with what I do, how I do it, or even why I do it and that’s ok.

Like I said in the beginning, everyone’s journey is different, just how no one person is the same. When you spend your time making others happy, you forget to make yourself happy.


Toe Update!

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Happy August folks,

Gosh, I feel like the year just started and it’s August, but that doesn’t mean we’re done.
So, I just wanted to give a quick update on my toe and of course some pictures and you guys tell me what you think.

Since the last time I’ve been to the podiatrist again for a follow up appointment and he pretty much said it’s ok and “good to go” however the area is still swollen so I’m afraid to put sneakers on.

I have been soaking it twice a day like the podiatrist said and it looks like it’s scabbing over, but again I’m not sure. This after he put some medicine on it of course, so again I’ve just been trying to take it easy and not apply too much pressure, but now I’m getting bored!

Working on my upper body and my core has become the sole focus right now since I can’t run. But I miss it so badly and I can’t wait to get back into it.


Pictures are below; let me know what you think about this healing process.