Well I'm OUT! For a Week at Least!

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Hey guys! How’s everything ones week going? Hopefully better than mines. Well let me just give you guys an update between Sunday and today.

Well start a little before Sunday then this will make sense.

Events leading up to Sunday: So I suffer with an ingrown toenail. Really bothered me when I ran and I used to get it cut every so often and before races so that I can run comfortably. A few times when I went to the podiatrist he told me about a procedure I could do so I wouldn’t have to keep coming back to getting my toenail cut, which I wasn’t so keen on and then…

Sunday: I’ve decided to get the surgery/procedure. I couldn’t take it anymore. My toenail was growing back faster than ever before, maybe like a month now. The pain was getting harder and the nail was cutting deeper into my skin. I’m not sure if this particular procedure has a name, but I’ll try and explain it.
The juncture where my nail and “toe skin” were meeting is where I was having the issue. So, the doctor cut that excess “toe skin” and the corner of my nail and inserted a medicine so when my nail grows back, it wouldn’t grow on my “toe skin” so technically that part of my toe is gone, the excess skin part.
I hope that made sense.

Monday: So after the procedure I was told to keep my leg elevated, which I did for some of the day and the other half I was walking around and doing research on various certifications. My toe was throbbing and killing me to a point where pain meds weren’t even working. Lucky I had a follow up appointment on Tuesday so I could talk to the doctor about it.

Tuesday: I went back to the doctor and my toe was feeling so much better, much less pain but still limping. The bandage was removed and it was filled with nothing but blood, so much blood that it was just creating a blockage at the corner of my toe and not being able to go anywhere. The doctor mentioned that’s why I had so much pain. He washed it off, cleaned it, put some Neosporin on it and put a band-aid on it and sent me home.

Today: So right now I’m just soaking my toe, twice a day in salt water and putting Neosporin on it on it wouldn’t get infected. I have another appointment next week Thursday and we’ll see how my toe goes from there.



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