Transformation Tuesday!

8:13 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

It's always fun to do a transformation Tuesday post because it's enduring to see pictures side by side and notice the differences that your body has made, where you currently stand mentally, physically and emotionally at both points in your life. I have noticed when I compare pictures I always think about how I felt at that particular moment, what I was doing, where was I going and how did I get to that point. 

So here is the comparison.. 

The picture on the left was me in October 2011. I remembered this because I was going to a friends birthday party and I was struggling to find something to wear. I didn't feel comfortable in anything I had in my closet so I had to dig into my mothers closet to find this brown shirt. I really didn't like this particular shirt because the back was a cut out, so I ended up wearing a tank top underneath. I truly felt the layers of skin on me that day, that's why I needed big enough shirts to try and cover that, sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. 

The picture on the right was me last month. I mean I truly don't know what to say because I know I feel amazing in my body, but I always say I have things to work on in order for me to become a stronger person both inside and out. 

Here's my transformation Tuesday folks! Hope you guys enjoyed!