Well I'm OUT! For a Week at Least!

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Hey guys! How’s everything ones week going? Hopefully better than mines. Well let me just give you guys an update between Sunday and today.

Well start a little before Sunday then this will make sense.

Events leading up to Sunday: So I suffer with an ingrown toenail. Really bothered me when I ran and I used to get it cut every so often and before races so that I can run comfortably. A few times when I went to the podiatrist he told me about a procedure I could do so I wouldn’t have to keep coming back to getting my toenail cut, which I wasn’t so keen on and then…

Sunday: I’ve decided to get the surgery/procedure. I couldn’t take it anymore. My toenail was growing back faster than ever before, maybe like a month now. The pain was getting harder and the nail was cutting deeper into my skin. I’m not sure if this particular procedure has a name, but I’ll try and explain it.
The juncture where my nail and “toe skin” were meeting is where I was having the issue. So, the doctor cut that excess “toe skin” and the corner of my nail and inserted a medicine so when my nail grows back, it wouldn’t grow on my “toe skin” so technically that part of my toe is gone, the excess skin part.
I hope that made sense.

Monday: So after the procedure I was told to keep my leg elevated, which I did for some of the day and the other half I was walking around and doing research on various certifications. My toe was throbbing and killing me to a point where pain meds weren’t even working. Lucky I had a follow up appointment on Tuesday so I could talk to the doctor about it.

Tuesday: I went back to the doctor and my toe was feeling so much better, much less pain but still limping. The bandage was removed and it was filled with nothing but blood, so much blood that it was just creating a blockage at the corner of my toe and not being able to go anywhere. The doctor mentioned that’s why I had so much pain. He washed it off, cleaned it, put some Neosporin on it and put a band-aid on it and sent me home.

Today: So right now I’m just soaking my toe, twice a day in salt water and putting Neosporin on it on it wouldn’t get infected. I have another appointment next week Thursday and we’ll see how my toe goes from there.




The Color Run: Brooklyn, NY

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I’ve been trying to get the chance to post this and now I can! This is from The Color Run that my friends and I did a couple of weeks ago in Brooklyn, NY! This was my friends first time running a 5K and I was super excited to be there with them. I truly believed they had so much fun as well as I did and I hope that we can do some more runs together!

I decided to make this video and post it on YouTube because it’ll be much easier for you guys to experience the fun we had rather than just talk about it. And if anyone else is thinking about participating in a run, hopefully this video will help and change that doubting mind into a YES!
Video Time!

Think we had fun! We did! 


Weigh-In Wednesday!

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Hey Folks, just a quick weigh-in that I want to do before the night is up. Not really much to say tonight, but tomorrow is a new day. So without further adieu lets get to it.

179.5lbs/178.5lbs folks.

I thought I was surely going to plus giving my current situation but I guess not. I have been working out and just trying to stay consistent as possible with eating, (I mean… yea let’s not.)

Anyway, I guess I am going to keep doing what I’m doing, and hoping I keep seeing the scale move in the right direction. I’m not really focused too much on that part until I can get what I need nutrition wise but everything else I can control.

Until tomorrow folks.


Transformation Tuesday!

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It’s time for your weekly dose of TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY!

However this Tuesday is going to be different, this is a piece I’m calling …

“Transform Your Mind”

Yes folks, its time for me and possibly you to transform your mind. Well, in this post I can only speak for me, so I’ll do that.

Lately and sometimes currently I’ve been getting this feeling of hate or guilt due to my lack on commitment, focus and happiness. I’ve been letting life get in the way of me, what I’m supposed to be doing, how I’m going to better myself and how I am going to pull myself out of my funk.
Still lost? Let me go further.

I have a personal situation going on at home. One I am embarrassed to discuss, so I won’t (right now). However, it’s affecting my personality, my character, and my workouts. I can’t even eat properly right now, and believe when I say it’s not by choice.

When I started my journey I started it to become the best version of myself I possibly could. I’ve seen other people on their journey and they are looking AMAZING, I mean kick-ass GOREGOUS!
And then I look at me, look at my problems, my struggle, wondering to myself “is this even worth it anymore?” and “why try?”

But then I thought “Don’t focus on the things you can’t change, focus on what you can.”
This is what I mean by “Transform your mind” I almost threw away my entire journey yesterday because of being defeated. I told myself that even if I can’t help what’s going on right now, I can still try to keep as focused as possible. I may not be losing weight right now, but I can focus on getting stronger and faster and that’s about all I can do at this point until something else changes.

So, here’s me, transforming my mind, my outlook on my current situation. I’m working on changing things, I’m not sitting here dead face, but it’s hard. So, bear with me.



Weigh-In Wednesday: July 4th Style!

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It’s Wednesday folks and it’s time for my weekly weigh-ins! Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July holiday, I know I did, maybe a little too much fun, so all of that comes with consequences.

I’ve realized that my scale is a pound off; I’m not making any excuses because this is still horrible but just letting you know that when you put two 12-pound weights on the scale I shouldn’t see the number 25.

That’s 181lbs, so I’m 180lbs. I gained three pounds since last weigh-in, which is not too bad, but of course who wants to gain weight huh?

Anyway, I officially signed up for the Bronx 10 Mile race which is September 28th and I am currently training for my second half marathon which is the Staten Island Half that takes places on October 12!

I honestly can’t wait to get outside and start running, but I can’t really start because I AM SICK! Right? Sick in the summer time, ugh upset. But that’s not an issue; I’m still doing minimal things such as jump roping, lifting, push-ups, squats and various little things while trying not to over exert myself.

But I am hoping to get over this by this weekend because I am ready to head out and start training as well as dropping this weight! Whoo hoooo!


Transformation Tuesday!

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It's always fun to do a transformation Tuesday post because it's enduring to see pictures side by side and notice the differences that your body has made, where you currently stand mentally, physically and emotionally at both points in your life. I have noticed when I compare pictures I always think about how I felt at that particular moment, what I was doing, where was I going and how did I get to that point. 

So here is the comparison.. 

The picture on the left was me in October 2011. I remembered this because I was going to a friends birthday party and I was struggling to find something to wear. I didn't feel comfortable in anything I had in my closet so I had to dig into my mothers closet to find this brown shirt. I really didn't like this particular shirt because the back was a cut out, so I ended up wearing a tank top underneath. I truly felt the layers of skin on me that day, that's why I needed big enough shirts to try and cover that, sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. 

The picture on the right was me last month. I mean I truly don't know what to say because I know I feel amazing in my body, but I always say I have things to work on in order for me to become a stronger person both inside and out. 

Here's my transformation Tuesday folks! Hope you guys enjoyed!