Transformation Tuesday

12:03 AM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

It’s Tuesday folks and that means it’s time for a transformation.

As much as I love this journey and how comfortable I’ve become with myself. There are still some areas of my body I am just uncomfortable with, but I am growing VERY slowly to like them.

So this is a picture of my back obviously. Let’s face it, not many of us like body rolls and back fat. I know I don’t. But it’s real and it’s apart of the process. Anywho, the left is a picture of me last year for my 23rd birthday in January and the picture on the right is one of me just a couple of day ago.

A year makes a difference. I went from wearing a size 16 to a 12. When I was in Old Navy trying on shorts I can FIT into a size 10! But it wasn’t comfortable enough for me so I stuck with a size 12. But just the fact that I can fit into a size 10 was a great feeling!

Hope to do more transformations in the future!