National Running Day!

10:25 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

It’s national running day today! Hope all my runners got out there and went for a run! And if not, there is always tomorrow!

So it’s been almost three weeks since the Brooklyn half marathon and this was my first time going out for a run since then. Boy was that a mistake. Can I tell you, I felt as if I was starting all over again. My goodness I felt like I didn’t even run a half marathon. So heavy, sluggish and nauseous.

My legs were hurting, I caught a stitch in my side that made it difficult for me to breathe and all around just felt out of sync with my body. My heart rate went up to 184, which is VERY abnormal for me. So I know I was using a lot more energy and pumping a lot more blood, I surely felt it.

I decided to use a new app to track my run. It’s called “Run Keeper.” Something about the Nike + running app was telling my wrong pace per mile time and according to NYRR I was running slower that I thought I was.

However, this app is telling me I ran this mile in 10:26 (time I hear in my ear,) So I'm not sure how accurate this is as well. 

So maybe it’s the tracking system that NYRR uses? Or maybe I just don’t know how races are tracked? Either way, I’m just going to keep training and hope for the best on race day.