Time to Travel: Sarasota, FL

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It’s day two in my Time to Travel series and the next stop is Sarasota, FL for the Sarasota Half Marathon.

2) First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon: Sarasota, FL

First off, I like Florida, not love, but like and I think it’s a good place to visit, it’s always sunny, living seems easy breezy and I’m sure it’s beautiful.

Why I picked this race? Well I did research and a couple of things have caught my attention… Here’s the exact paragraph that I saw on the website.

“Known for its giant dolphin finisher medal and awesome gender-specific tech shirts, the First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon & Relay features a great scenic course over the John Ringling Causeway with breathtaking views.

94% rating for "Overall Race Atmosphere".

90% of runners recommend this race.
96% rating for "Finisher Medal".
100% rating for "Access to Medical Services"” Sarasota Half Marathon

Something else that caught my attention was the temperature. I don’t like running in the heat at all so 60 degrees is prefect for me. This race takes place in the middle of March. March 15th to be exact, so I can definitely put this on my horizons for next year.

Bling time..

It’s HUGE right? Goodness, this might break my neck off.. just kidding but seriously, isn’t this beautiful? I hope to add this to my collection soon!

Until tomorrow folks.