Time to Travel: Orlando, FL

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My last and final stop in my Time to Travel series is the…

5) Disney Princess Half Marathon: Orlando, FL

Yes folks yes, the famous Disney Princess half marathon is something I would love to do. I have read bloggers recaps of the race and I’ve even seen Ali Vincent complete one on TV.

Back in Florida, which is great, but this race takes place through magic kingdom and epcot themed parks. It’s Disney princess themed so there are live Disney characters on the course cheering you on are waving while you’re running. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy the magic of Disney? Except the person who doesn’t like Disney, but that’s neither here nor there.

When I kept reading about this I just thought to myself, “I must do this, I have to do this.” This half is something I am seriously thinking about doing next year, the trip to Florida alone would stand for a decent vacation, but actually participating in this marathon would be a dream come true. Now I sound like a Disney Princess!

Did you know there is an entire weekend long expo catered for this half marathon; oh the first 1,000 runners get personalized bibs! Isn’t that great?

Any who, I could ramble on and on about this race, but I hope to collect some friends and head down for Florida in the middle of February and cross this off my “half marathon bucket list.”

Let’s not forget the pretty medal…

That’s it folks, hoped you enjoyed my Time to Travel series. Do you guys have any favorite races that you usually run? Did I miss a race that I should have looked at? Let me know.

Tomorrow I run my first half marathon, the Brooklyn Half Marathon and I can’t wait, I am nervous and excited to do so. I like to plan ahead so after this half marathon I am eagerly planning what my 2015 race schedule is going to look like. Seems I need to get a frequent flier card or something huh?

Of course when I get the chance I will be doing a “My first half marathon” post and I hope I have nothing but positive feedback to report to you all.

Time to gather some last minute things, stretch and off to bed.