Time to Travel: Huntington, CA

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I'm calling this week "Time to Travel" you'll understand..

Since my half marathon is quickly approaching (5 days out) I've been thinking to myself "I can't wait to travel to different parts of the United States and internationally to participate in different half marathons." But where? And which ones? Those were always the two questions that popped into my head. The idea of traveling to run races and staying in foreign hotels excites me, seems like a vacation while doing something you love to do. And lets face it; the cool medals are always something to brag about.

So I got this idea from Hilary at Getting Through Life: One Day {and one Mile} at a time, which you can read HERE. She did a five-day series of different runners participating in their first half marathons, which eventually lead up to her story of completing her very own first half marathon.

I've decided to do a five-day series as well, but of the half marathons I would love to participate in. Something like a bucket list of half marathons, makes sense? Let's get started. 

1) Surf City Half Marathon: Huntington, CA.

Sitting on the sunny beaches of CA, relaxing in hotels rooms, ordering room service and then heading out the door to running a race. Who could ask for more? California is a state that I would love to visit and live in, in the near future. I'm usually not a person of the hot weather and constant sweating, but for Cali, I'll make an exception, especially when you’re running alongside a beach. And after your race, just jump in the water! At least that's what I'll be doing. Maybe I can get someone to teach me how to surf, cute guys available as well as a couple of drinks? Yes, I can see this race in the future.

But check out the medal

Different right? Part of running a distance race knows that you get some type of reward at the end, so that means medals. When a medal is "true" to the race, meaning in my terms, "the shape of the medal corresponds to the theme of the race," it's just an exciting thing to see and could possibly make the race that more memorable. 

Surf City next year? Maybe, stayed tuned. 

Where to next? Come back tomorrow and find out!