Time to Travel: Corning, NY

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Time to Travel:

3) Wineglass Half Marathon: Corning, NY

Not really much of a travel for me since I live in New York, but I’ve never been to this part of New York before, so that makes it a place to travel to.

This particular race takes place in October and starts in Bath, NY and travels through small towns in NY ending up in Corning, but something that caught my eye during research is that the race is entirely flat. Yes, I said it, flat. Some people find flat races boring but I don’t, I think it’s great that races are flat, in my opinion races that have hills are difficult for me and just tire me out. I guess that’s me needed to practice more right?

Anywho, It’s a Wineglass race, emphasis on the WINE! That means wine after the race. Most races typically serve beer, which I am not a fan of, but wine? I can drink anytime.
And of course the cool finishers medal..

It’s GLASS! I’m sure not actual glass, but glass enough! What would have been cool if the medal was shaped as a wine glass and made out of glass as well, that would have been a beauty!
New York in October is cool, not temperatures that I would like to run a race in but better than running December.

Come back tomorrow!