Time to Travel: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Time to Travel again to.....

4) Buenos Aires Half Marathon: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Taking it international guys, time to travel to South America and head to Argentina for the Buenos Aires half marathon. This race of course takes place in Buenos Aires running along side the river while bypassing different historical landmarks, (don't ask which ones, but I know it does by looking at the course map,) restaurants, a golf course and a church, so I know there is going to be quite a few things sights to see.

However, if you don't finish the race in three hours, you will be swept. I have a fear a being swept because that's the worst thing that can happen to a runner, training so hard for a race and then to not complete it, but I guess you train so you wont be swept huh?

When I think of Buenos Aires, I think of a colorful, vibrant city full of people with plenty to do! Such as checking into a "love hotel" or telos as they are called in Buenos Aires, learn how to tango, indulge in dulce de leche, eat intestines, yes I said intestines and of course drink until your hearts content. I mean, what else could you ask for, I mean the sandy beaches sure, but I'm positive you don't have to ask for that.

In Buenos Aires, even though the race is a half marathon, they call them by their kilometer name, 21K and the medal also says 21K not half marathon on it, but it's the same distance, relatively.

It would be amazing to complete a half marathon in a different country, where the native language isn't English. I mean sure it would be difficult to get around but not enough to not want to visit. Oh, did I mention that this would be a weeklong trip! Who want to visit another country for two days? Not me!

My Time to Travel series ends tomorrow and to me I've saved the best for last! Stay tuned and come back tomorrow to check it out!