Weigh-In & 12 Miles

11:23 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

Happy Tuesday folks!

I’ve been trying to update you guys for the longest, but it seems as life is throwing it’s self in my way, but I’m here now and ready to dish the 411.

So, last week Thursday, I did a weigh in and I finally got down to 173lbs. WHOOO HOOO!

It’s been a struggle for me to lose weight and I know exactly why, I just eat way too much junk. If I didn’t have this issue, this problem, trust me when I say I would have BEEN accomplished this phase one goal. I can feel myself becoming more and more frustrated with this journey because of this habit, but I know its something I can control if I work HARDER at it.

However in other news, I ran 12 miles on Sunday in training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon, (which is now 25 days out) and I shouldn’t say I ran the whole 12 miles, I ran 10.30 and then my legs started to cramp up the rest of the way so I just walked the remaining mileage.

Seriously, I truly do feel as if I can complete this race. Even though my 12 miles were suddenly shortened, I still feel prepared. I’ve never had this problem before and I hope I don’t encounter it again. Since Sunday, I’ve been stretching and foam rolling my legs constantly. It’s still a little tight in the calf area but other than that it’s pretty decent.

Just praying and training at this point! #TrustTheProcess