Sugar Sensitive?

9:20 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

Is being sugar sensitive a thing? Is this common? Is it even possible? To be sugar sensitive? Maybe I'm not understanding the effects of sugar and that's why it shouldn't be consumed in large amounts, but its so good!

Let me explain. I realized that when I eat/drink some type of unnatural sugar for example Nutella, soda, ice cream and cookies I automatically gain two pounds. I mean, I don't step on the scale directly after I eat it, but the following morning I already see the two pound increase. Why is that? 

Granted I shouldn't consume these forms of sugar in the first place, but I do, I shouldn't gain an automatic two pounds for it, right? 

Anyway, this discovery lets me know that I have to watch my sugar intake very closely, I don't think this is medically related, because I don't have health issues of this sort, but I will be keeping a close eye on this. 

But what is a girl to do when I have such a sweet tooth? Help! Ek.