She Tried to Outrun Me!

11:23 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

Yesterday I took towards my usual route in prospect park and ran, figured Sunday was a good day to run seeing how it was 60 degrees and me running with my usual sweater wasn't going to cut it because I became very hot very fast. 

So I proceeded to start running, feeling confident, I decided to try something different than my usual 6:1 interval (run six minutes, walk one minute) I challenged myself to see if I could run a whole mile without any breaks. And so I did... 

When I hit the mile mark it was 10:59 but I snapped the screen at 11:04, either way that a fine by me, seeing as how my fastest mile before that was 11:26. A faster time is a faster time no matter if it minutes or seconds to me, so in was pleased. 

Around mile seven I encountered a woman running next to me and we were pacing pretty evenly for a couple of seconds, she looked over to her left at me and sprinted off. I thought to myself "is this a challenge? Let me test this." 

I was running to use the bathroom in the first place, but her out running me seemed more important so I spend up. I caught up with the woman and turned to my right to glance at her and then I took off. A few seconds later she glances back at me and takes off. 

I laugh, because I've never had someone deliberately trying to out run me. So I see the bathroom ahead of me and I dart off. I past the woman and run straight towards the bathroom, when I open the door, it was filthy! Being too disgusted to even use it I keep running trying to find the racing woman. I've lost her. 

Not only did I stop, now I've lost the racing woman. That's alright I told myself, I'm just going to keep running until I finish my mileage. Completing eight miles yesterday and a PR was good enough for me. 

1:43:02 cut down to 1:36:43. It's progressing. Things like this that make me ready for the Brooklyn Half Marathon which is now 19 days away! My right calf hurts from working out on Wednesday and I thought the pain would have subsided already, but I need to take it easy a little so I don't get any injuries before race day! 

That's the last thing I need.