My First Long Run.

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Training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon is brutal, well let me rephrase that, it’s just something I haven’t done before and it’s taking a toll on my body, but I’m willing to learn and prefect this sport. The cross training days, the long runs, the short runs, strength training, it all makes sense and it’s all worth it.

So this Tuesday, I did my first eight-mile run in Prospect Park. I was excited and nervous at the same time because I didn’t know how I was going to feel during or even after this run.

I can tell you for the first two and a half miles, I had to use the restroom so badly that it was actually affecting my run. I found a port-a-potty close to the three mile mark, well actually I found one when I reached mile one, but it was filthy, it was disgusting and it smelled, I told myself, “I know I can find another one, I know there is going to be another one.” And I was right; I did find another one around mile two, however it was fenced off during construction. Which led me to the one I ACTUALLY used, almost three miles in.

I felt lighter, freer and less restricted. When I hit six and a half miles, that’s when the feeling started to set in, my legs started to feel weird and I was losing energy, I was tired but I knew I had to keep going on.

Around that point I decided to eat a protein bar, I think that was a mistake though, because I started to get this heavy feeling, which feels like it slowed me down, so no protein bars at all, I purchased some GU energy gels and shot bloks today in preparation for my long run of 10 miles tomorrow, I can’t wait to give these a try.

Hopefully tomorrow’s run goes better than Tuesday’s, I just was to be prepared as possible. I shouldn’t even be up right now, I feel like eating ice cream and I can’t, so I’m taking myself to bed.