10 miles and Race Fuel!

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10 miles, completed! WHAT? Oh yes, I said 10 miles, I would be lying if I said they were an easy 10 miles, BUT they were easier than the eight miles that I completed last Tuesday.

So another run around Prospect Park, which I got annoyed with very easily because the park is only three miles or maybe a little more than that. Point being I had to loop around the park three and a half times to complete this mileage, that became annoying and I realized that there is a particular hill-ish part that I despise and I’ve noticed that anytime I came up around it I slowed down A LOT!

Part of the reason why I believe this run went better than the last it because I was properly fueled up. I tried the shot bloks and the GU, yes during the same run.

When I purchased both products I didn’t realized that I would use all of them, I figured I would need either one or the other. Boy was I wrong and I’m glad I brought both of them with me for this run.

I read the directions on both packages and they each said to ingest 15 minutes before a workout, so at this point for me it was about what do I want to taste first. Since I had a taste for gummy bears I decided to go for the shot bloks first, I got the black cherry flavor and I was DISGUSTED! It left a bad after taste in my mouth. I washed it back with water as fast as I could and walked towards the park.

45 minutes after that during my run I took the remaining of the shot bloks, which I felt was about four of them and washed it down with some more water and continued to run.

Another 45 minutes passed and I felt it was time to take a GU, so I ingested a chocolate flavored GU and washed that down with water. It was amazing, I loved the taste, almost reminded me of cake batter. But I was warned with this product as it might give stomach pain and that it did. I felt my stomach rumble and I almost wanted to vomit, but I slowed my pace and gave it a moment to settle in my stomach and I ran again.

I did the same thing with the vanilla GU I had in my hand, I ingested it, washed it down with water and slowed my pace to my stomach could adjust.

The GU tasted so much better than the shot bloks, but the shot bloks didn’t mess with my stomach like the GU did. Maybe I need to find a different flavor in the shot bloks? Suggestions?

All in all I knew the “fuel” helped this run. I didn’t have as much leg problems, I felt as if I had more energy and I knew I would complete it. Next weekend is 12 miles, I would like to find a different place to run, those loops drove me crazy, but if not, I know this is good practice for the race, because the race starts in Prospect Park!

Countdown 34 days!