One Year Anniversary!

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Happy One-Year Anniversary to SlimIntoONEderland!

I thank everyone who has been following me on this journey thus far. I am grateful that I have friends, family and even my online family to support me when in this journey.

When I first started this blog I only was interested in documenting my weight loss and nothing more. I never thought that I was going to be documenting my running, races, eating habits, workout habits or anything of the sort.

The advice I’ve received, the people I’ve talked to, the groups I’m in, it makes it all worth it. I’m not exactly sure where this blog is going or where it’s going to take me but I’m hoping that it can lead me towards success, towards more readers and followers. However if it doesn’t I’m grateful for the ones I do have and the success I have already achieved. 

This year hasn’t only been about myself, I’ve gotten messages from friends and even a couple of strangers telling me how I have inspired them to start a journey of their own. Me? Inspire? I would have never thought I could do such a thing, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re doing something positive for yourself, you live and breathe it and it shows in your work, it spills out and become contagious. Not just fitness related, but in anything you do.

I just want to say thank you again, current and future supporters. If it weren’t for you guys I wouldn’t be where I am at today. Time to go further in this lifestyle of mine.


She Tried to Outrun Me!

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Yesterday I took towards my usual route in prospect park and ran, figured Sunday was a good day to run seeing how it was 60 degrees and me running with my usual sweater wasn't going to cut it because I became very hot very fast. 

So I proceeded to start running, feeling confident, I decided to try something different than my usual 6:1 interval (run six minutes, walk one minute) I challenged myself to see if I could run a whole mile without any breaks. And so I did... 

When I hit the mile mark it was 10:59 but I snapped the screen at 11:04, either way that a fine by me, seeing as how my fastest mile before that was 11:26. A faster time is a faster time no matter if it minutes or seconds to me, so in was pleased. 

Around mile seven I encountered a woman running next to me and we were pacing pretty evenly for a couple of seconds, she looked over to her left at me and sprinted off. I thought to myself "is this a challenge? Let me test this." 

I was running to use the bathroom in the first place, but her out running me seemed more important so I spend up. I caught up with the woman and turned to my right to glance at her and then I took off. A few seconds later she glances back at me and takes off. 

I laugh, because I've never had someone deliberately trying to out run me. So I see the bathroom ahead of me and I dart off. I past the woman and run straight towards the bathroom, when I open the door, it was filthy! Being too disgusted to even use it I keep running trying to find the racing woman. I've lost her. 

Not only did I stop, now I've lost the racing woman. That's alright I told myself, I'm just going to keep running until I finish my mileage. Completing eight miles yesterday and a PR was good enough for me. 

1:43:02 cut down to 1:36:43. It's progressing. Things like this that make me ready for the Brooklyn Half Marathon which is now 19 days away! My right calf hurts from working out on Wednesday and I thought the pain would have subsided already, but I need to take it easy a little so I don't get any injuries before race day! 

That's the last thing I need.


Weigh-In & 12 Miles

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Happy Tuesday folks!

I’ve been trying to update you guys for the longest, but it seems as life is throwing it’s self in my way, but I’m here now and ready to dish the 411.

So, last week Thursday, I did a weigh in and I finally got down to 173lbs. WHOOO HOOO!

It’s been a struggle for me to lose weight and I know exactly why, I just eat way too much junk. If I didn’t have this issue, this problem, trust me when I say I would have BEEN accomplished this phase one goal. I can feel myself becoming more and more frustrated with this journey because of this habit, but I know its something I can control if I work HARDER at it.

However in other news, I ran 12 miles on Sunday in training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon, (which is now 25 days out) and I shouldn’t say I ran the whole 12 miles, I ran 10.30 and then my legs started to cramp up the rest of the way so I just walked the remaining mileage.

Seriously, I truly do feel as if I can complete this race. Even though my 12 miles were suddenly shortened, I still feel prepared. I’ve never had this problem before and I hope I don’t encounter it again. Since Sunday, I’ve been stretching and foam rolling my legs constantly. It’s still a little tight in the calf area but other than that it’s pretty decent.

Just praying and training at this point! #TrustTheProcess


10 miles and Race Fuel!

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10 miles, completed! WHAT? Oh yes, I said 10 miles, I would be lying if I said they were an easy 10 miles, BUT they were easier than the eight miles that I completed last Tuesday.

So another run around Prospect Park, which I got annoyed with very easily because the park is only three miles or maybe a little more than that. Point being I had to loop around the park three and a half times to complete this mileage, that became annoying and I realized that there is a particular hill-ish part that I despise and I’ve noticed that anytime I came up around it I slowed down A LOT!

Part of the reason why I believe this run went better than the last it because I was properly fueled up. I tried the shot bloks and the GU, yes during the same run.

When I purchased both products I didn’t realized that I would use all of them, I figured I would need either one or the other. Boy was I wrong and I’m glad I brought both of them with me for this run.

I read the directions on both packages and they each said to ingest 15 minutes before a workout, so at this point for me it was about what do I want to taste first. Since I had a taste for gummy bears I decided to go for the shot bloks first, I got the black cherry flavor and I was DISGUSTED! It left a bad after taste in my mouth. I washed it back with water as fast as I could and walked towards the park.

45 minutes after that during my run I took the remaining of the shot bloks, which I felt was about four of them and washed it down with some more water and continued to run.

Another 45 minutes passed and I felt it was time to take a GU, so I ingested a chocolate flavored GU and washed that down with water. It was amazing, I loved the taste, almost reminded me of cake batter. But I was warned with this product as it might give stomach pain and that it did. I felt my stomach rumble and I almost wanted to vomit, but I slowed my pace and gave it a moment to settle in my stomach and I ran again.

I did the same thing with the vanilla GU I had in my hand, I ingested it, washed it down with water and slowed my pace to my stomach could adjust.

The GU tasted so much better than the shot bloks, but the shot bloks didn’t mess with my stomach like the GU did. Maybe I need to find a different flavor in the shot bloks? Suggestions?

All in all I knew the “fuel” helped this run. I didn’t have as much leg problems, I felt as if I had more energy and I knew I would complete it. Next weekend is 12 miles, I would like to find a different place to run, those loops drove me crazy, but if not, I know this is good practice for the race, because the race starts in Prospect Park!

Countdown 34 days!


My First Long Run.

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Training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon is brutal, well let me rephrase that, it’s just something I haven’t done before and it’s taking a toll on my body, but I’m willing to learn and prefect this sport. The cross training days, the long runs, the short runs, strength training, it all makes sense and it’s all worth it.

So this Tuesday, I did my first eight-mile run in Prospect Park. I was excited and nervous at the same time because I didn’t know how I was going to feel during or even after this run.

I can tell you for the first two and a half miles, I had to use the restroom so badly that it was actually affecting my run. I found a port-a-potty close to the three mile mark, well actually I found one when I reached mile one, but it was filthy, it was disgusting and it smelled, I told myself, “I know I can find another one, I know there is going to be another one.” And I was right; I did find another one around mile two, however it was fenced off during construction. Which led me to the one I ACTUALLY used, almost three miles in.

I felt lighter, freer and less restricted. When I hit six and a half miles, that’s when the feeling started to set in, my legs started to feel weird and I was losing energy, I was tired but I knew I had to keep going on.

Around that point I decided to eat a protein bar, I think that was a mistake though, because I started to get this heavy feeling, which feels like it slowed me down, so no protein bars at all, I purchased some GU energy gels and shot bloks today in preparation for my long run of 10 miles tomorrow, I can’t wait to give these a try.

Hopefully tomorrow’s run goes better than Tuesday’s, I just was to be prepared as possible. I shouldn’t even be up right now, I feel like eating ice cream and I can’t, so I’m taking myself to bed.


Sugar Sensitive?

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Is being sugar sensitive a thing? Is this common? Is it even possible? To be sugar sensitive? Maybe I'm not understanding the effects of sugar and that's why it shouldn't be consumed in large amounts, but its so good!

Let me explain. I realized that when I eat/drink some type of unnatural sugar for example Nutella, soda, ice cream and cookies I automatically gain two pounds. I mean, I don't step on the scale directly after I eat it, but the following morning I already see the two pound increase. Why is that? 

Granted I shouldn't consume these forms of sugar in the first place, but I do, I shouldn't gain an automatic two pounds for it, right? 

Anyway, this discovery lets me know that I have to watch my sugar intake very closely, I don't think this is medically related, because I don't have health issues of this sort, but I will be keeping a close eye on this. 

But what is a girl to do when I have such a sweet tooth? Help! Ek. 


My Running Accomplishment!

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Hey there! 

How is everyone's week going? It's Wednesday and I feel so weak, but I am still hoping to get a workout in and I am hoping to bike ride later today also, hopefully it doesn't rain on me! 

I just want to speak on this accomplishment that I did yesterday. I ran 4 miles about two to three weeks ago and I completed that in 54:26. Then yesterday I ran the same 4 miles and I completed that in 48:57. 

I used my nike plus app to calculate the distance and the previous time before hand and I remember telling myself, "I just want to make this under 53 minutes," that's all I keep telling myself. So I did, I tried to keep a nice even pace, but I was fluctuating paces between 9:30's and 12:30 paces.  

"Trust the process" right? That's what this is all about, that's what this training is all about. It never seems like it's making sense until you compare runs or maybe it might make sense in another way for you, but when I saw those times, I knew I was doing something right, I knew this process, this training was working. 

Looking at back at my training plan I realized I should have ran 5 miles instead of 4, so I was a mile off. But I'm not beating myself up too much about it. This Saturday I have a long run coming up and it will be my first long run ever! Let's see how this blows over, hopefully the weather is kind to me this weekend. 


Weekly Confessions #12

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It's been a long time since I've done one of these, but I need to make this a habit again, I loved the feedback I received when I posted my meals for the week, but this time around I would like for you guys to tell me what I can substitute and give suggestions on what I could eat in place of what I've been eating now. 

With that being said let me stick this disclaimer in: the past week was a very off week for me and in turn I've gained four pounds, I didn't go to the gym and I did no significant running what so ever (but a short one to my friends house.) 

So, let's start...


So like I mentioned, last week was a disaster. I made horrible eating choices, but I'm learning from it. My biggest issue is snacking and realizing that I like to snack on a lot of different things that I shouldn't be snacking on. I like salty foods and I like sweet goods but I need a way to consume them without the cost of putting my journey at risk. 

Suggestions? Comments? Help me out. You know I love to hear your feedback.