Zumba, Zumba, Zumba!

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I’m always looking for new and fun ways to add an exciting spring into my workout step. As I mentioned in my previous post, I took a Zumba class, very high energy and Caribbean based music, which I thoroughly enjoyed, even though I had a set back, but I still enjoyed it.

Awhile back, probably last fall I took a Zumba class and it was Hispanic based, nothing wrong with that, because I am partially Hispanic but I was new to the class and I had a hard time keeping up, my breathing was heavy I caught all sorts of cramping in my side and legs, because of this I was pushing to complete the hour long class. Because of the difficulties I experienced my sides were cramped for a week and it was very hard to twist side to side and even breathe.

Today I took the same class and I had a totally different experience. I flew though the class with ease and it almost felt as if I was dancing rather than doing a few choreographed fitness movements. I’d admit, the instructor was a bit fast, so the movements were a bit difficult to keep up with, but everything else was a breeze. I felt super accomplished.

The reason why I wanted to mention this is because this is a clear sign of my fitness improving, as well as my endurance and breathing. At first it didn’t even occur to me that I had taken the class before, I was just looking for another workout for the day, but when I started to perform some of the chorography and it felt familiar to me, I remembered the difficulties I encountered from way back in the fall. 

I like Zumba, but as I take classes I honestly don’t understand the purpose of it, I’m guessing it mainly to burn calories, but for a person like me who is looking to tone up, I wouldn’t get to comfortable with it.

What do you feel about Zumba? Is it your cup of tea? Enlighten me.


I'm Crazy for This Pain!

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What was I thinking? Oh what was I thinking? I was thinking I wanted to get fit and get strong, I was thinking that I wanted to shed some pounds, I was thinking I wanted to build endurance for the Brooklyn Half Marathon. So where did all of that get me? A recovering leg and two tight calf muscles, let me explain.

On Wednesday, I decided I wanted to be super woman. I was so dedicated to transforming myself and becoming stronger that I decided to workout using my Jillian Michaels DVD, then go on a three mile run and then participate in a hour long zumba class.

Crazy right? I didn’t think it was going to be a problem or an issue, but when I woke up Thursday morning, I had to call out of work because I couldn’t walk. I’m not talking about “oh I’m sore and it hurts” no I mean “shooting pains on the right side of my leg, and couldn’t get out of my bed until three hours later type pain.” Was almost as bad as my hamstring injury.

Anyway, on Saturday, after I recovered I worked out with my friend. Practice sprints, strength training and went swimming. In the middle of my swim my legs cramped up and I had to backstroke the rest of my laps. That’s me trying to do too much again, but I like it, if I preformed like that on a regular basis my body would be used to it already, but it’s not, but that’s the kind of endurance I’m looking for. I swear this will all be worth it come May 17th.

Anyway, I am going to get some rest. Can’t afford to miss another day. 


Weighing In!

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Finally, finally and finally! This was supposed to be Thursday, but I didn’t even get close of a chance to posting yesterday. But, finally I have moved in the right direction on the scale. Take a look.

Everyone said “change your workouts,” “change your routine,” and I’ve did that. I changed my routine countless times and I still saw no results, until I changed my running workouts, meaning when it got warm in Brooklyn I was running outside instead of the treadmill. I realized how difficult it is to make that change from the treadmill to cement but lets face it, running a half marathon isn’t done indoors.

So since the weather has been warming up, it’s time for me to run outdoors, I just bought new sneakers and I can’t wait to try them out today! Not sure what the weather is looking like but I know either way I think I’ll be out there pounding the cement. Look! 

These are so beautiful and colorful, I think these are the "it" sneakers for the summer, surely does feel that way, nice, bright and noticeable. Maybe I'll do a review on them when I've used them a couple of times.

Feels good to finally have figured out the problem. Lets hope I can keep this up for another six to eight weeks.


March Goals and Challenges!

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Happy March Blogger Family! 

It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten to speak to you guys an share what’s been going on, but I’m here now and I promise I am not going to take so long of a hiatus. 

So, February came and went and some of you may have noticed that I didn’t do a “goals and challenges,” post. That was because I wanted to take time out and focus on myself and really focus on my training for the Brooklyn Half marathon that I’ll be running in May. This is also why I didn’t do any weigh-in Thursdays. I wanted to start strong and create a solid foundation on my training so I can stay consistent and I’m doing just that. 

March goals and challenges aren’t plenty, I actually only have two this time around and they are somewhat long term, but shot term as well? Does that make sense? No? Let me just explain. 

1)      Goal: To be in the 160’s by the time I am ready to run the Brooklyn Half. I love the trill and excitement I get from when I run, it reminds me of the track star I could have been, but I know it would be 10 times easier if I was lighter, so that’s my reasoning. I don’t have a set number for this month or even April, but between 169 and under I would love to accomplish. 

2)      Challenge: Cheese. It’s Ash Wednesday and for 40 days you’re supposed to give up something, at least that’s what I was told, so for me that’s cheese. I love to eat cheese; I can eat cheese with just about anything, so this means all types of cheese in all forms. Why cheese? Because I can overindulge sometimes and it can get a bit ridiculous, let’s hope I see it through. 

Sorry if this post feels a little out of sync, I am not feeling too well and I wanted to come in and give you guys an update, but from here on out its 100%