Transformation Tuesday!

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Happy Tuesday everyone! 

As we know on Instagram and on other social networking websites this day is known as “Transformation Tuesday,” I thought this is perfect opportunity to talk about my transformation. 

If you follow both my Instagram accounts @_KyannaSimone and @SlimIntoONEderland you’ve probably already seen this photo that I am going to post. However if you don’t, A) You should start and B) here it is!

The photo on the left is me, probably at my heaviest of 215lbs in 2010, way before I decided to get serious about my health. I always bought a lot of DVD’s and played a lot of games on my Wii Fit, but that wasn’t enough to actually kick start my weight loss, my journey and bring change into my life. 

The photo on the right is me currently at 175lbs. When I took this picture at the gym I thought to myself “This shirt never used to fit me like this,” I remember when I used to wear this shirt and actually decided to stop wearing it because it was so tight and uncomfortable to wear. So I buried it, in my draw and decided not to use it, until very recently.

You see, I always knew my body was changing as I progress on this journey. I too saw the changes and the strength I was gaining. But when I put these two pictures side by side, my jaw dropped. Because back then, I said to myself “oh I’m not that big,” “they’re people bigger than me, I’m alright.” But I was wrong, I was that big and I didn’t admit it to myself until now, because I see the difference now, I see the change and I can only hope to continue on this journey successfully and become a healthier me. 

I hope I can do another one of these comparisons soon, because change is coming.