Transformation Tuesday!

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Happy Tuesday everyone! 

As we know on Instagram and on other social networking websites this day is known as “Transformation Tuesday,” I thought this is perfect opportunity to talk about my transformation. 

If you follow both my Instagram accounts @_KyannaSimone and @SlimIntoONEderland you’ve probably already seen this photo that I am going to post. However if you don’t, A) You should start and B) here it is!

The photo on the left is me, probably at my heaviest of 215lbs in 2010, way before I decided to get serious about my health. I always bought a lot of DVD’s and played a lot of games on my Wii Fit, but that wasn’t enough to actually kick start my weight loss, my journey and bring change into my life. 

The photo on the right is me currently at 175lbs. When I took this picture at the gym I thought to myself “This shirt never used to fit me like this,” I remember when I used to wear this shirt and actually decided to stop wearing it because it was so tight and uncomfortable to wear. So I buried it, in my draw and decided not to use it, until very recently.

You see, I always knew my body was changing as I progress on this journey. I too saw the changes and the strength I was gaining. But when I put these two pictures side by side, my jaw dropped. Because back then, I said to myself “oh I’m not that big,” “they’re people bigger than me, I’m alright.” But I was wrong, I was that big and I didn’t admit it to myself until now, because I see the difference now, I see the change and I can only hope to continue on this journey successfully and become a healthier me. 

I hope I can do another one of these comparisons soon, because change is coming. 


A bit heavy..

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So lately I've just been having that heavy feeling. I shouldn't even say lately, because I've been having this feeling for about a couple of days, maybe since Thursday. I mean I can't blame myself, I've been eating garbage since Thursday. Well not Friday, but the other days since Thursday have been nothing but total crap. 

I hate this feeling I feel sluggish, uncoordinated and a bit irritable. I don't want to do anything but sleep all day, so I know it has to do with my eating, because I never want to sleep. Bleh, I just feel big and heavy. 

Ugh, tomorrow's Monday and I want to start the week well and end it well. I don't know guys, it's frustrating. It seems like I'm not seeing changes in my body anymore, that could just come from me being frustrated today and feeling the way I do, but I just want to rid my body of this fat! Makes sense? 

Any who, it's 11:40pm here, so I'm going to get some rest and then tackle the day tomorrow and get a nice momentum going for the rest of the week! 

Please, send on some suggestions for me, you know I love to hear from you guys. Goodnight. 


My Horrible Addiction

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I am ashamed to admit this, because it has been going on for quite some time now and honestly I don't know where it came from or how it started and I'm trying to fight it, but it's very difficult. 

My addiction is.... 

EATING CHIPS... directly after a workout. 

I know, I know please don't even tell me how horrible this is because I know it is, I just can't seem to stop and again I’m not too sure how it even started. When I exit the gym I have a strong craving for salty chips even cheesy chips, my inner food junkie has been re-awakened. 

However, I usually have some type of snack in my gym bag, but I've realized that I haven't been carrying anything with me so that could be a reason, but NO sometimes I ditch my little snack and head to the store and purchase a bag of chips, so that’s not even a reason for theses slightly compulsive eatings.

So I'm actually quite confused and somewhat disappointed at myself for indulging in such "junk" right after a workout, a pretty darn good workout if I do say so myself. But what type of snacks should I consume when I exit the gym? I have about a 35-40 minute commute and because of that I need to find something that can hold my hunger until I get home. 

Maybe I should just start leaving my house with no money when I'm headed to the gym, that way I know I can't purchase anything unnecessary. Sounds like a plan. 

Is that a good plan? I could use some help on this. So, if you have advice please send it my way. I look forward to hearing it. 


Juice, Juice and Weight loss!

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I officially started yesterday. My friend gave me my training program on Thursday for the Brooklyn Half and I decided on Friday night that I need to make sure my body was in top condition to start this program.
So I decided to do a juicing detox/cleanse just to start fresh and monitor the food from this point on what goes into by body as well as my body able to function effectively. I did feel heavy before I started and now I can say I do feel lighter and just ready to conquer this. 

Here’s what I used to do this detox 

Listen, while I could have used real fruits lets me explain. I actually LOVE eating my fruits and I felt as if they were being “wasted” if I just juiced them and drank them (which I know is not true,) but I love to taste my fruits, I truly do love to eat them, so I know juicing them wasn’t an option, I just went with these. 

Not only did I drink these juices, I also drank water as well. I figured drinking water would also aid me in keeping fuller longer. WRONG! Water actually did the opposite. When I started I started drinking water on Saturday, I didn’t even have the juice yet, but I knew I was going grocery shopping and the juice was going to be purchased so I didn’t worry myself about it, but walking around throughout the store felt horrible, I had to bring my water bottle because I was just empty inside. 

I stopped and purchased a small juice to hold me while I grocery shopped and until I got home as well. It didn’t really work, but it was better than nothing. So I got home and drank the Naked Berry Blast juice first and finished that bottle by the end of the night. I couldn’t bear to stay up at my usual hours so I went to sleep at 9:00PM. 

That Sunday morning I was up by 5:30AM, I was forcing myself to go back to sleep. I mean who wants to be up at 5AM right? But that didn’t work at all, twisting and turning in by bed trying not to head into the kitchen because I didn’t want to start drinking so early, but by 6AM I had to give in and settle my stomach. 

At this point I started on my second bottle, the Naked Mango Madness. As I drank out of my cup, which equals two cups of juice, I drank water right after and after that I always used the bathroom. In never ending cycles, drink juice, drink water use the bathroom. I just couldn’t wait to wake up Monday morning and eat breakfast. 

Is this something I would have done longer? No, I absolutely love food too much to have done this for maybe five days long or even two weeks. But I understand why people do it, the weight loss was amazing.(Yes, a lot of people juice in aiding them in weight loss.)
 Listen after I hit 175lbs, I went back up to 178lbs and it was very shortly after that, then after Sunday morning I was back down to 175lbs, Monday morning before I ate anything and drank anything, I was 174lbs.

Four pounds in two days? That’s amazing. But again, I didn’t do this for the weight loss at all, because I have gone back to 175lbs since Monday morning and I’m ok with that. I only did this to clean out my body and be in the best shape possible to take on this training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

So tell me, would do ever do a detox? And if you would what kind? Have you done a detox? And if so which program did you follow? I would love to know.